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Digimon Survive - All Character Deaths And How To Save Them

Here's a heavy spoiler guide to all the character deaths in Digimon Survive along with how to save them all.
Digimon Survive - All Character Deaths And How To Save Them

Digimon Survive was intended to be darker and more Grimm than the previous entries into the series, and the developers did not disappoint. Players can make various choices throughout the game and depending on your choices, several of the main cast will end up dying, with some dying regardless of your choices.

If you've come across this in the game, and after your surprise, wondered if you can save all the characters who meant an untimely demise, then you aren't alone. So below we've got all the answers for you, as we go over all the character deaths in Digimon Survive and if you can save all the characters in the game.

All Character Deaths In Digimon Survive

Aside from Takuma and Minoru, all the characters can meet a tragic end in Digimon Survive. Below are all the deaths that can occur during gameplay and beware that major spoilers lie ahead.

Aoi's Death

Digimon Survive All Character Deaths And How To Save Them Aoi's death
Aoi dies after being strangled by Piedmon. (Picture: YouTube / WGENESIS)

Aio is betrayed by Piedmon after attempting to help it in tragic rather than graphic events. It strangles her in return, and she is badly injured until she dies from her injuries after saying one last goodbye to her friends.

Ryo's Death

Digimon Survive All Character Deaths And How To Save Them Ryo's death
Ryo is killed after seeing a vision of his deceased mother. (Picture: YouTube / x green house)

After being separated from the group, you end up finding Ryo in the forest surrounded by fog. The group calls out to him, but he seems disturbed and begins seeing visions of his deceased mother, who then appears before him, though spoiler alert, it's not his mother.

A shadowy figure then appears behind her and drags Ryo inside it as the entire group watches on in horror. Ryo is pulled into the dark figure and the screen gets splattered with blood while Ryo Screams and is inevitably killed, with Kunemon disappearing shortly after.

Shuuji's Death

Digimon Survive All Character Deaths And How To Save Them Shuuji's death
Shuuji gets dies at the hands of Lopmon after it Digivolves into Wendigomon. (Picture: YouTube / Owl-Quest)

After Shuuji loses his cool because he feels useless to his team, Lopmon responds to his rage and Digivolves into Wendigomon. Despite his friends warning him to get away from it, Shuuji still believes he is in control of Wendigomom.

However, Wendigomom begins to act on its own and turns its anger towards Shuuji himself. Grabbing him and in one swift move, drops Shuuji into its mouth and devours him alive.

Saki's Death

Digimon Survive All Character Deaths And How To Save Them Saki's death
Saki meets her end when she's dragged into the fog by a Kenzoku. (Picture: YouTube / WGENESIS)

Our team runs into a Kenzoku, and for some reason, it sets its sights on Saki, and charges toward her, grabbing her from behind. It then begins dragging her into the mysterious fog and the rest of the team attempt to grab her hand and pull her back.

But Saki realizes they'll all be pulled in if they keep holding her hand, so she lets go and is dragged into the fog, as she begins screaming in pain. Once the fog lifts slightly, a blood splatter is revealed where Saki was pulled in, and it concludes with Floramon saying its goodbyes as it disappears as well.

Kaito's Death

Digimon Survive All Character Deaths And How To Save Them Kaito's death
Kaito dies when he's consumed by Boltboutamon. (Picture: YouTube / WGENESIS)

After facing down Boltboutamon, both the Professor and Kaito are drawn into its dark energy as it declares that it wants to fuse with them and bring forth destruction to both worlds. After Kaito is too close to coming back, he warns everyone to stay back as he says his final goodbyes and is killed as he fuses with Boltboutamon.

Miu's Death

Digimon Survive All Character Deaths And How To Save Them Mui's death
Mui is taken and killed in by a shadowy figure when the fog descends on the group. (Picture: YouTube / WGENESIS)

After everyone gets split up in the fog, Mui searches for her friends and thinks she hears one of them in the fog. This turns out to be a trap, as the figure she sees turns onto a Kenzoku and charges toward her.

Mui is then grabbed by it and dragged into the dark void by strange-looking hands, as she lets out one final cry for help from her brother Kaito. She is then pulled in and disappears into the fog, with Syakomon disappearing shortly after she dies.

Can You Save All Characters In Digimon Survive?

Sadly, no matter what players choose to do, at least on their first playthrough, Ryo will die in Part 3. However, Ryo can be saved in New Game+ mode once you've finished the game the first time.

Players must improve their affinity with Ryo to 35 or above in order to do this, and when asked if they want to save him, they must choose "Of course, we'll assist!". Which causes Kunemon to intervene at the eleventh hour, enabling the others to dash in and save Ryo in time.

Digimon Survive All Character Deaths And How To Save Them Saving Shuuji
After saving Ryo, you will be able to save Shuuji later in the game. (Picture: YouTube / safwan)

Shuuji cannot be saved on the first playthrough no of what the player does, much like Ryo. In New Game+ mode, Shuuji can be kept alive, although the procedures are a little trickier. Players must not only raise their affinity with Shuuji to 35 or above, but they must also use the methods listed above to save Ryo.

If all goes according to plan, Ryo will intervene as Shuuji is beating Lopmon and convincing him to stop. Players will then be able to take the Truthful path later on as a result of this.

Digimon Survive All Character Deaths And How To Save Them Saving everyone in the Truthful path
You can save everyone in your new game plus run of the game. (Picture: YouTube / safwan)

Players will experience at least two fatalities during their initial playthrough, with Ryo and Shuuji always dying. Players may also lose two additional characters, Saki and Aoi dying on the Wrathful route and Kaito and Miu dying on the Harmony route, depending on their Karma and the route they choose.

In light of this, players who want to experience as few deaths as possible in their initial game should choose the Moral option. Players must be in New Game+ mode, save Ryo and Shuuji, and then take the True route in order to save everyone.

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