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Digimon Survive Beginner's Guide – Best Starting Tips For All Players

Utilize these beneficial tips and tricks to make your gameplay experience more enjoyable while exploring the digital world in Digimon Survive.
Digimon Survive Beginner's Guide – Best Starting Tips For All Players

Digimon Survive can be a daunting experience for the uninitiated, and if you're not prepared, it can result in catastrophic results for your Digimon. Bearing similar gameplay mechanics to other notable JRPGs like Shin Megami Tensai, the game relies on narrative-based gameplay with turn-based mechanics interwoven.

Even so, if you're still invested in the game, there are a few ways to make your time exploring the digital world more enjoyable. This beginner's guide will equip players with the best starting tips before setting out in Digimon Survive.

Best Tips For New Players: Digimon Survive Guide

To survive Digimon Survive, you'll need the best tips to help you along your journey without providing too many spoilers about the game's story and multiple endings. Whether mastering the game's intuitive mechanics or how to assemble your battle line-up best, these tips will aid you in making the most of Digimon Survive.

Choices mean everything

digimon survive beginners guide starting tips choices karma system agumon
Decision-making is at the forefront, as every action directly influences the game's progression. (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

Digimon Survive follows the formula where every action or decision significantly influences the game's outcome. This also includes your Digimon's evolutions or digivolutions or their fate throughout the game.

Making the wrong decisions could result in a different digivolution or seeing your Digimon killed. Therefore, the choices you make must be in the best interest of your Digimon and the outcome or ending you wish to have.

Learn to master Digivolutions

Speaking of evolutions, certain Digimon can only evolve under specific conditions depending on how you acquired them. For example, those you befriended in Free Battles, rather than caught, will require specific items to digivolve; however, they won't revert to their Rookie form.

digimon survive beginners guide starting tips free battles recruit digital monsters
Recruited Digimon can only digivolve under specific conditions when compared to unrecruited Digimon. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

On the other hand, non-recruited Digimon requires you to spend SP to digivolve to the next phase at various points in the game. Afterward, they will revert to their Rookie form; however, you can spend more SP to further their digivolutions, but the longer they stay in their digivolve form, the more SP it consumes.

Use Free Battles to recruit more Digimon

The Free Battle mode, which unlocks after completing Part 1 of the game's story, allows players to encounter various Digimon and recruit them to their party through the Karma system. Choose the "Talk" option, select the Digimon you wish to speak with and answer the different questions or statements issued by the Digimon.

Depending on the route you wish to explore, there's a correct answer which fills up a meter, and once it fills up, you'll be asked the final question. Select the befriend answer to add them to your team, which you can use in battle and digivolve using specific items.

Keep in mind the Digimon's affection meter

digimon survive beginners guide starting tips affection level digital monsters deltamon
The affection meter is visible atop the targeted Digimon's head when in Free Battles mode. (Picture: YouTube / NottheWinner Gaming)

On the topic of befriending Digimon, players must keep a look out for the Affection meter of the Digimon involved when in Free Battle mode. This can be the deciding factor as the targeted Digimon's levels can determine whether befriending them will be successful.

Engaging in combat with the targeted Digimon won't improve the chances of recruiting the Digimon to your team. As mentioned earlier, depending on the answers you've selected, the route chosen will determine whether they'll be your friend or not.

Don't misuse Mature Enlightenment Slabs

Mature Enlightenment Slabs can be acquired through the story campaign, in Free Battle or shrines, and by defeating specific boss battles. This item lets you digivolve any Free Digimon to its Champion form; however, this process is irreversible.

digimon survive beginners guide starting tips mature enlightenment slabs free battles shrines boss battles
Players can acquire Mature Enlightenment Slabs in shrines, defeating bosses, or in Free Battles mode. (Picture: YouTube / Balkan Let's Play)

Once you've selected the Free Digimon you wish to evolve, you use the Mature Enlightenment Slabs on them to digivolve. You can't use this item to evolve your Digimon from Champion to the next form, so pick the next Digimon and evolve them instead.

With these tips on hand, spoiler-free, no less, your journey throughout the digital world should be less complicated and pretty straightforward. As we continue to explore this JRPG, there will be plenty of valuable tips to discover and such; we will endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.

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Featured image courtesy of Bandai Namco.