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Digimon Survive Dual Strikes Crystal – How To Get

There are so many items to collect and use in Digimon Survive, as this guide will show you how to get the Dual Strikes Crystal and use it.
Digimon Survive Dual Strikes Crystal – How To Get

Since the launch of Digimon Survive, players have been catching Digimon, battling against them, and exploring the vast world within Digimon Survive. As it demands strategy and intense decision-making, it can be a little challenging to determine your next move, especially with many items you can acquire in-game. 

This guide covers the intricacies and details of the Dual Strikes Crystal, how great the item is for offense, and the steps in getting it. As one of the best items in the game, Dual Strikes Crystal is a must-have for any devoted Digimon Tamer; find out how to attain it below.

How To Get Dual Strikes Crystal In Digimon Survive

There are more than a handful of items in Digimon Survive; some that boost your Digimon, others that heal, and a few with special effects. Items are beneficial and make venturing into the expansive world of Digimon Survive all the more comfortable.

Getting the Dual Strikes Crystal is another story, though to attain the item, you'll need first to unlock New Game Plus and complete all twenty-nine chapters of Chapter Mugen Recollection. In the thirtieth chapter of Mugen Recollection, you'll need to face varying Digimon and defeat them.

After doing so, you'll reach the end, and a cutscene will happen where you'll get the Dual Strikes Crystal. This crystal is an absolute monster of an item; as any Digimon Tamer looking to conquer the land with their team, this item is the perfect addition to make that journey effortless and breezy.

In Digimon Survive, the Dual Strikes Crystal boosts your physical and special attack, as well as speed.
In Digimon Survive, the Dual Strikes Crystal boosts your physical and special attack and speed. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

The Dual Strikes Crystal does that when utilized, doubles attack, and boosts stats. Essentially, the item increases your physical attack and special attack damage by 150 stat points while enhancing your speed by 100 stat points.

But that's not the craziest part yet, as the Dual Strikes Crystal allows your Digimon to perform their skills twice instead of once. For example, if your WarGreymon used its ability, Shield of Justice, it would cast it twice.

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In Digimon Survive, the Dual Strikes Crystal allows your Digimon to cast their abilities twice. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

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Featured image courtesy of Bandai Namco.