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Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Persona - How To Unlock, Models, Animations & Effects

Crystal Maiden's Persona skin, "Conduit of the Blueheart," is now available in the 2022 Dota Battle Pass: Part 2. Here's how to get it.
Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Persona - How To Unlock, Models, Animations & Effects

Valve has unveiled Part 2 of the 2022 Dota Battle Pass, making several new features and treasures available to eager players. Notwithstanding the return of a reimagined version of the classic Diretide game mode and the new Razor Arcana, Dota 2 players can also enjoy the new Crystal Maiden "Conduit of the Blueheart" skin.

This latest cosmetic for Rylei is the seventh addition to the Persona collection and features a complete overhaul of her hero model, with many other unique customizations. Here's everything about the new Crystal Maiden Persona in Dota 2, including how to unlock it and a showcase of the new model, animations, and effects.

How To Unlock Crystal Maiden Persona In Dota 2

crystal maiden dota persona skin
The Conduit of the Blueheart Crystal Maiden Persona overhauls Rylei's hero model.

To get the Crystal Maiden "Conduit of the Blueheart" Persona, you'll need to own the 2022 Dota 2 Battle Pass and upgrade it to Level 148. You can do this by participating in Dota matches, Weekly Quests, and Cavern Crawl, but this might take a long time. Otherwise, you can buy the required Battle Points if you have the money.

Valve's official blog post states, "Only the strongest of mages can endure the teachings that unlock the hidden powers of the Blueheart. Those who dare try have, but one choice of master — an ageless avatar whose very first lesson is that success earns only obligation, and failure opens the door to a lonely death." 

The Crystal Maiden Persona features an overhaul of her hero model with an ageless wolf avatar filled with the magic of the Blueheart. In addition, the skin has custom animations, ability effects (for Crystal Nova and Freezing Field), and hero assets (new Hero Portrait, Topbar Portrait, Minimap Icon, and Ability Icons).

The Persona skin also features 600+ voice lines "to allow the Conduit to impart knowledge directly into a student's mind," in addition to new custom kill and special item effects. You can check out some of the effects and animations in the video below (thanks, Valve).

And that's everything you need to know about the new Crystal Maiden Persona skin in Dota 2. In addition to this latest news, you might like to read some of our other stories below.

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