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EA FC 24 Companion App Release Time Countdown

EA Sports FC 24's release is just around the corner and there is a a lot of things to get excited about building up to it. Including a brand new mobile Companion App to go along with it. Here is everything you need to know regarding the release of the EA Sports FC 24 Companion App.
EA FC 24 Companion App Release Time Countdown

There is a whole host of things to get excited about as we approach the official release of EA Sports FC 24. Not the least of which is the release of the brand new Web and Companions apps for the game's Ultimate Team mode. Below you will find a quick summary on when we expect the EA Sports FC 24 to be released as well as how to access it


When Does The EA Sports FC 24 Companion App Release

The EA Sports FC 24 companion app will be releasing on September 21. One day after the Web App's launch and just before the start of the EA Sports FC Ultimate Edition early access period. This has been confirmed by EA Sports themselves. The app will be free to download on all Apple and Android devices on the iOS and Google Play Stores.

Although EA have not confirmed an official release time, it's widely expected to go live at the following times:

  • 18:00 BST
  • 10:00 PT
  • 13:00 ET

The countdown clock below will show you how long you have to go before the release oft he new companion app:

Time Until EA FC 24 Companion App Releases
1 days, 15:15:40

What is the EA FC 24 Companion App For?

Like with the web app, the companion app will allow players to access and customize their Ultimate Team whenever and wherever they want. And since it will be launching prior to the game's release, the companion app will give players an early start when it comes to building up their teams. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use your players until the game's official launch, which will be on September 29. However, If you have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game then you will be able to start playing with them during the early access period which starts on September 22. 

How To Get Early Access To EA FC 24 Companion App?

If you genuinely want to be one of the very first people to have access to the new Web App on the go, then follow this advice. First off, if you don't already have the existing Companion app on your phone, it may be worth downloading it now ahead of time.

Generally, we've found that if you already have the app pre-installed you may gain access to the game's updated Companion App slightly quicker. In the past, we've historically found that the update for the app has come to those with the app already preinstalled slightly before the actual update was available in the App store of Google Play store.

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