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Elden Ring Astrologer class guide - Stats, items and gameplay

This guide explains everything about Elden Ring's Astrologer class, a great starting class for new players, including starting stats, items, and more!
Elden Ring Astrologer class guide - Stats, items and gameplay

Elden Ring launches with ten different starting classes for players to choose from before setting out in The Lands Between. Each class comes with a unique set of stats and equipment to aid in your journey and complement every playstyle and difficulty.

The Astrologer class offers a good hybrid of weaponry and magic abilities for those attuned to a more magic-orientated playstyle, as they boast one of the highest Mind, Intelligence and Dexterity stats in the game. This guide will explain everything about the Astrologer class from its starting stats, items and gameplay details.

Elden Ring Astrologer class - Starting stats & items

Elden Ring's Astrologer class is aptly described as "A scholar who reads fate in the stars. Heir to the school of Glintstone sorcery." As one of the ten starting classes in-game, the Astrologer is a magic-orientated class that utilises Glintstone weaponry to channel all magical attacks.

Below are the starting equipment items for Elden Ring's Astrologer class:

  • Glintstone Pebble
  • Glintstone Arc
  • Short Sword
  • Astrologer's Staff
  • Scripture Wooden Shield
  • Memory of Grace
  • Preferred choice of Keepsake

The Astrologer will mainly focus on its magic-based combat with the Astrologer's Staff as a primary weapon for magic and physical attacks. It favours high Intelligence and Mind stats over Strength and Endurance, much like the Hero and Warrior classes.

elden ring class guide astrologer magic combat intelligence mind stats
The Astrologer boasts high Intelligence and Mind stats to complement their magic-based combat skills. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Since this class will start the game as a Level 6 character, it boasts attractive mid to high-level starting stats. Below, we have detailed the Astrologer's class starting stats in Elden Ring:

  • Soul Level - 6
  • Vigor - 9
  • Dexterity - 12
  • Mind - 15
  • Intelligence - 16
  • Endurance - 9
  • Faith - 7
  • Strength - 8
  • Arcane - 9

Greatly benefiting a magic-based combat playstyle akin to Dark Souls' Sorcery class, the Astrologer class will gain a significant magical resistance due to its proficiency with the Glintstone sorcery. It's also safe to assume that the Astrologer class may benefit significantly from the Focus Points mana pool to cast spells and incantations.

elden ring class guide astrologer focus points system spells incantations
The Astrologer class can benefit from the Focus Points system to cast more spells and incantations. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Nevertheless, if you opt for the Astrology class, Focus Points will allow players to cast more spells, as long as they replenish their Focus Points using the Flask of Cerulean Tears.

To increase your Focus Points, you will need to level up your Mind stat for massive magical burst damage and a larger mana pool.

Elden Ring Astrologer gameplay advantages

As mentioned previously, the Astrologer class should function similarly to the Sorcery class from Dark Souls due to their high Mind and Intelligence stats, similar starting equipment and mana pool.

Those who had access to the Network Test will know that this class replaces the Enchanted Knight at release.

elden ring class guide astrologer enchanted knight network test
The Astrologer class replaces the Enchanted Knight from the Network Test as the game's starting magic class. (Picture: FromSoftware)

With the Focus Points system, players can enchant their short-ranged weapon, the Short Sword, with magic-based buffs to shut down enemies at close range. This contributes to the class's versatility, making their attacks more feasible at both close and long-range.

This class has a fantastic setup that adapts rather quickly to the plethora of spells, incantations, and weapons versatility. Followingly, the Astrologer class is a great starting class for any player, from beginners to experienced RPG enthusiasts.


Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.