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How to Beat the Fell Wispwyvern in Enshrouded

You'll need to be prepared for battle if you want the Fell Wispwyvern Head in Enshrouded.
How to Beat the Fell Wispwyvern in Enshrouded
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As you work towards upgrading the Flame Altar in Enshrouded, one of the key items you'll be tasked with collecting is the Fell Wispwyvern Head. You'll find this beast deep in Pikemead's Reach, but going in unprepared is an easy way to invite total disaster against this powerful foe.

If you're not sure where to head, we'll go over exactly where to find the Fell Wispwyvern Head in Enshrouded and how the Glider can speed up your approach. If you're struggling with the battle, we've got crucial tips and suggested skills to ensure you can beat the Fell Wispwyvern in Enshrouded all by yourself.

Where is the Fell Wispwyvern Head in Enshrouded

Screenshot _29489_

When you look to upgrade the Flame Altar, you'll eventually be sent on a journey to obtain the Fell Wispwyvern Head. This trophy comes from defeating the Fell Wispwyvern located in The Pike just north of Imperial Gardens at Pikemead's Reach.

There are tons of other reasons to explore this area, but one of the biggest is that one of the best armor sets in Enshrouded is located around Pikemead's Reach. There are other enemies nearby including a few Thunderbrutes, so be careful as you first explore this area and begin your approach.

Screenshot _29490_

You can see The Pike's location above in relation to the Ancient Spire in Revelwood. Once you've reached area around The Pike, choose somewhere to place a Flame Altar so you can glide into the location and avoid trekking through the shroud. We went with a high cliff to the west of the area, but there are also cliffs to the east that will work.

If you're coming from the east, you should be able to reach a height where you can safely glide very close if not directly into the pit where the boss fight occurs. If you're coming from the west, bring a pickaxe or two and plan to brute force your way through the front door.

Exploding Powder Balls also work, but we found you can break through the wall and ground beneath the metal doors with a bit of patience. Make sure you're fully prepared before you actually enter the fight arena, as he'll spawn in immediately and kickoff the battle.

How to Solo the Fell Wispwyvern in Enshrouded

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If you have a larger party, you can engage in more elaborate strategies and use a healer to offset the damage other attackers will receive. With the right preparation, you can take down the Fell Wispwyvern solo without as much difficulty as you might think. First up, here's the equipment and items you want:

  • Bow with a decent supply of arrows
  • Melee weapon
  • Food that boosts Stamina or Health
  • Plenty of Health Potions
  • Elixers for additional boosts

The exact layout of your equipment can vary widely, but these are all things we brought into battle that helped take down the Fell Wispwyvern. You don't necessarily need a specific Enshrouded build for this fight, but you can respec with a Tank heavy build that invests in Stamina and Health for another advantage.

When you're ready for battle, head into the pit and the Fell Wispwyvern will spawn. A good portion of the fight will be spent dodging or staying mobile so you can avoid attacks. When he shoots meteors into the air, steer clear of the blue circles that signal where they'll make impact. If he's still down and uses ice breath, get out of the way as quickly as possible. If he jumps in your direction, try to dodge before he makes landfall.

Those are the things you want to avoid, but the moment you're looking for is when the Wispwyvern stands all the way up on its hind legs and starts charging a breath attack. Immediately whip out your equipped bow and shoot any arrow into his mouth where the attack is charging. This will stun the Fell Wispwyvern and allow you to rush in for a series of quick melee strikes.

There will also be some smaller bug enemies spawning throughout, but they're fairly weak and a few slashes should wipe them out. Once you've got the strategy down, it's just a matter of time. Continue dodging, use health potions when needed, and wait to stun him before unleashing as many attacks as possible.

When all is said and done, you can loot the corpse for your Fell Wispwyvern Head, the Key to the Pike, and a few other items. Before you leave, make sure to head through the double doors behind him. Once inside, step forward a bit then turn around and look for a Grappling Hook spot. Up in those rafters you'll find a Silver Chest which may hold a powerful weapon.