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Does Fall Guys support split screen?

Fall Guys is the perfect party game for a group of friends, but does Fall Guys support local split-screen multiplayer options?
Does Fall Guys support split screen?

Fall Guys has gone free to play, and that means a brand new influx of players who will join up with their friends and could be wondering whether split-screen multiplayer is an option. At its core, Fall Guys is a traditional party game that brings back nostalgia to games like Mario Party, so it's no surprise that many players ask questions about local play.

Though the game resembles a traditional party theme, especially with the gameplay, the main game mode is still a Battle Royale. Players are pitted up against far more than just the people on their couch, and that can complicate the process for local multiplayer and potential split-screen modes within Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Free For All - Is split screen supported?

Fall Guys update
Fall Guys continues to get new features and updates. (Picture: Mediatonic)

In short, there is no split-screen option in Fall Guys, even with the new Free For All update that makes the game accessible to everyone. That means if you want to play the new update with your friends, having an extra controller isn't going to cut it, regardless of whether you are playing together or against each other.

This question is common in games like Fall Guys because other games such as Call of Duty have the option for split-screen in some cases. For example, turning on a second controller on the console version of Call of Duty Vanguard will allow two friends to play local split-screen. But that feature appears to be a ways off if it's happening at all.

On the FAQ page for Fall Guys, one of the questions is about the local split-screen. In the past, there was supposedly an answer that stated the feature would be pushed forward as an option. Since then, the FAQ page simply states there is no local multiplayer.

Whether or not Fall Guys split-screen becomes a thing in the future remains to be confirmed. At the moment, I wouldn't hold my breath, but the game is free now and there is still plenty of fun to be had.

Does Fall Guys have cross-platform support?

Free For All Battle Pass
The Free For All update brings a new Battle Pass. (Picture: Mediatonic)

With the introduction of the Free For All update in Fall guys, there is finally full support for cross-platform features in the game. So you may not be able to play local, but your overall pool of players has increased overall.

As long as you have your Epic Games information set up, playing with friends on other platforms won't be an issue. The system will work similar to the system within Fortnite, only in terms of cross-platform invitations though.

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