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DrLupo revealed as #TheFallenOne, world’s best Fall Guys player

After hours of searching, the internet has finally found #TheFallenOne, the best Fall Guys player in the world - and it’s streamer DrLupo.
DrLupo revealed as #TheFallenOne, world’s best Fall Guys player

For those out of the loop, the official Fall Guys Twitter account recently announced that it had given an exclusive costume to the world’s best Fall Guys player, ahead of the skin’s official reveal on Saturday. Named as The Fallen One, even Mediatonic themselves didn’t know who had received the drop, just that it had gone to the player with the best overall results in-game.

DrLupo Fall Guys thefallenone the fallen one
(Picture: DrLupo)

The skin was granted to the talented player 16 hours ago. Now, after much mystery and #TheFallenOne trending on Twitter, we finally have our answer as to exactly who was the recipient. Streamer DrLupo is officially the best Fall Guys player in the world, with 58 wins to his name to date.

The Fallen One himself was granted an exclusive skin which he is currently displaying proudly on stream. Now officially unveiled to the world, we know that P-Body from Portal 2 is coming to Saturday’s store and that currently, only DrLupo can wear the exclusive outfit.

The user freaks out at the prize, before remarking that “Tim’s gonna be so mad”. Popular streamer TimTheTatman suggested that he should be the recipient of TheFallenOne’s prize, only to be further roasted by the Fall Guys Twitter account over his lack of wins.

DrLupo later remarks that the P-Body skin is going to put a real target on his back, and he’s correct in saying that. Anyone who saw this worldwide search go down on Twitter is going to be aware that the Twitch streamer is TheFallenOne and the unique skin will point him out server-wide, at least until the skin becomes available to the public tomorrow.