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How to dive in Fall Guys

Here's our guide on getting tackling your next session of the Knockout battle royale with our guide on how to dive in Fall Guys.
How to dive in Fall Guys
With Fall Guys now free to play for everyone in the world, the game has exploded with new players ready to take on the adorable but challenging battle royale. For new players, however, you might still be finding your bearings in terms of the mechanics of the game, such as the topic of discussion for this guide, diving.

We will be giving you some pointers on how to dive in Fall Guys, and how to use it effectively if you're just starting. Or just some neat tips you might not know if you're a seasoned player.

How to Dive in Fall Guys

How To Dive In Fall Guys How to dive
Players can dive when jumping using the Square or CTRL buttons. (Picture: Mediatonic)

Diving is used to knock enemies off the map as you make your way towards the finish line, aid in making it that risky jump, or even help you gain those precious inches needed to reach the crown before your fellow humanoid beans. Diving is easy enough to do as well and involves utilizing your simple jump.

After jumping (by pressing X on PS4 or the Space bar on PC), hit the square button on your PS4 controller or CTRL on PC to dive in the direction you're facing. This will equate to A + X on Xbox controllers or B + Y on Nintendo Switch devices.

Diving gives you a momentary speed boost in the direction that you dive that moves you along faster than if you were simply running and jumping. This makes the dive a tactical move that you can use to close gaps or make jumps to create shortcuts when other players, might take a long way around.

When learning to dive, it's all about repetition and feeling out the mechanic as it's static and doesn't change. Once you have the range of the dive down and understand its limitations, you'll be in a much more advantageous position than other players who don't use it.

Lastly, a dive can also be used to dodge and avoid obstacles that are moving and allows more maneuverability when combined with the increased jump distance. And can be a last resort save if you see your elimination incoming.

How To Dive In Fall Guys Diving can be used tactically for many purposes
Diving can also be sued tactically for increasing your speed, jumping further or avoiding obstacles. (Picture: Mediatonic)

And that's everything you need to know regarding how to dive in Fall Guys. The game is currently free to play, so get out there, choose your favorite bean-man person and get to work on clearing the levels with the dive now in your toolbox of useful maneuvers.

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Featured image courtesy of Mediatonic.