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Zooey joins Granblue Fantasy Versus on 28 April, Character Pass 2 coming Fall 2020

Arc System Works has announced a release date for DLC character Zooey in Granblue Fantasy Versus, along with a bunch of new additions.

Following the arrival of Djeeta in Granblue Fantasy Versus, new DLC character Zooey has received a trailer confirming her arrival on 28th April. 

Similar to past DLC characters, Zooey’s arrival comes bundled with new lobby avatars, two additional quests in RPG mode, alongside the character’s outfit from the original Granblue Fantasy mobile game.

There is also a new Jewel Resort stage and bonus lobby avatars in Therese, Bunny Girl, Referee and Bob. 

Arc System Works also announced some plans for future DLC coming to Granblue Fantasy Versus, with new RPG mode quest episodes 41-45 arriving in summer 2020, while episodes 46-50 are planned for release in early 2021. 

As Zooey marks the end of the first character pass, a second pass was also confirmed to be on the way for Fall 2020. 

The second character pass starts with Belial and will feature five additional yet to be announced characters. 

Character Pass 2 Granblue Fantasy Versus
The second character pass is coming (Picture: Arc System Works) 

There’ll likely be more balance adjustments to characters too when Zooey releases, so there’s certainly some substantial updates to come for the title.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is available now on PlayStation 4. 

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