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FIFA 21 players outraged at new Ruud Gullit SBC requiring 25 squads to complete

FIFA 21 gamers are tearing EA Sports to bits after a 25-team Ruud Gullit ICON Moments SBC was released in the closing stages of the FUT cycle. It's very costly, time-consuming, and won't be around for long before the launch of FIFA 22, here's what players are saying.
FIFA 21 players outraged at new Ruud Gullit SBC requiring 25 squads to complete
A recent SBC released over the weekend has FIFA 21 gamers up in arms, and for good reason.

EA Sports has become infamous for the criticism they receive surrounding their yearly FIFA titles, but this might take the cake.

While there are many great aspects of FIFA titles, the handling of Ultimate Team has come into question in recent years. Particularly surrounding the release of player cards and their price, frequency, and timing of delivery.

After an absolutely massive Ruud Gullit, SBC was dropped into the menus over the weekend, gamers were quick to grab the pitch-forks and come for the game's developers once more. Here's what everyone's saying about EA Sports' most recent gaff.

FIFA21RuudGullitSBCs(Picture: EA Sports)

25-team Ruud Gullit ICON Moments SBC

ICON SBC's have been a major topic of discussion in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Each ICON is released with multiple versions of the player, the higher-rated versions being more difficult to obtain.

Well, EA Sports took "more difficult to obtain" and multiplied it by ten when it came to Dutch ICON Ruud Gullit. His 86 OVR, 90 OVR, and 93 OVR cards had already been released, and now EA Sports has provided gamers with a "chance" to obtain his 94 OVR CF card.

For just a simple 25-team SBC (yes you read that number correctly) totalling over 4,000,000 FUT coins to complete, you can unlock a 94 OVR Ruud Gullit CF! What got even further under FIFA 21 gamers' skin was the date of release.

FIFA 22 is only just around the corner, so gamers will have to spend time and over 4 million FUT coins completing a 25 team SBC, and will barely have a chance to play as the 94 OVR Gullit. It seems like a major misstep from EA Sports, and they're certainly getting an ear-full.

Here's to hoping that EA Sports' see the error of their ways and don't make a mistake like this again in next year's title. In the meantime, check out all of our coverage for the upcoming FIFA 22 release.