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Football Manager 2022: Largest transfer budgets

Some of us don't want to struggle, and in the world of Football Manager 2022, that means having a big fat transfer budget to spend on world-class players. We detail what clubs have deep pockets so you can make your dreams of having Messi, Mbappé and Ronaldo in the same team a reality.
Football Manager 2022: Largest transfer budgets

For some people Football Manager isn't about taking a club from the Ishthmian League to the Premier League starting with nothing more than a ball, some bibs, and jumpers for goalposts.

No, for some its about esembling a team of world stars from the jump, splashing the cash, paying more to agents in one transfer than some clubs would have to spend in an entire year (or ten if we are being honest).

If you are one of these Mourinho-types then you have come to the right place, as we list the spendiest clubs -- those with the biggest/largest transfer budgets -- in Football Manager 2022.

Biggest transfer budgets in Football Manager 2022
Some of us are Special Ones with big dreams. (Picture: Aleksandr Osipov)

Of course, these clubs are exclusively from Europe's top five leagues (but that is where you wanted to be anyway isn't it you little glory hunter?) and there are a few surprises in here (if you don't read the news).

Teams with the largest transfer budgets in Football Manager 2022

Football manager largest starting transfer budgets 2022
Football Manager 2022 is now in beta. (Picture Sports Interactive)

First things first, the Premier League is currently dominating the financial side of the game, with a combined total of £600m+ to spend amongst the teams. To give some context, second place is Italy's Serie A which barely scraps £200m.

For each league we offer the three teams with the largest transfer budget but keep in mind there are other teams in the Premier League that will dwarf some of the team's mentioned here.

Note: These budgets are based on accepting the board's expectations and not negiotating.

Premier League

  1. Newcastle - £231m
  2. Man City - £115m
  3. Chelsea - £50m

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  1. Real Madrid - £54m
  2. Atletico Bilbao - £22.3m
  3. Villareal - £15.3m

Ligue 1

  1. PSG - £38.5m
  2. Lyon - £19.1m
  3. LOSC - £14.5m

Serie A

  1. Juventus (Zebre) - £23.2m
  2. Inter - £18.1m
  3. Milan - £17.3m

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  1. Bayern Munich - £35.6m
  2. RB Leipzig - £21.6m
  3. Gladbach - £13m


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Featured image courtesy of Sports Interactive.