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Fortnite leaks tease Moon Knight cosmetics is coming soon

Multiple sources have teased that another Marvel character, Moon Knight, might be arriving on the Fortnite island map sooner than expected.
Fortnite leaks tease Moon Knight cosmetics is coming soon

Fortnite has a growing roster of Marvel characters that have appeared on the Fortnite island map over the last few years. From Spider-Man, Venom, Doctor Strange and the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, all have featured in-game; however, another Marvel character may be coming soon.

Multiple sources have leaked information that Moon Knight may be showing up next, mainly due ot the popularity of its limited series currently streaming on Disney+. As for how soon will he be landing on the island map, it is anyone's guess, as Epic Games have yet to confirm the leaks.

Will Moon Knight be coming soon to Fortnite?

Moon Knight is gaining traction to be one of the popular Marvel characters due to the growing success of its limited series currently streaming on Disney+. As such, the success of the series has contributed to the fast-rising sales of its associated merchandise, but we may see the character appear in other media outside the Marvel stronghold.

fortnite leaks marvel crossover moon knight character cosmetics skins emotes disney plus disney+ series
Moon Knight has grown in popularity among Marvel Comics and MCU fans due to the success of the character's limited series. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

This has sparked rumours online that the character may be heading its way to Fortnite. Multiple sources have alluded that Moon Knight may be arriving in Chapter 3 Season 2, in the form of new cosmetics, which has excited avid Marvel and Fortnite players.

Initially reported by notable Fortnite source, NotPalo, who tweeted on 28th March 2022, revealing that Epic Games likely invited several content creators to a Moon Knight premiere event. They later added that "It is very possible that we will see their cosmetics in the game when the series is released worldwide. They would like to?"

Other Fortnite sources, including ShiinaBR and iFireMonkey, later picked up on the news, with the latter confirming the rumour. iFireMonkey tweeted a screenshot of a Fortnite content creator who had attended a Moon Knight premiere event, sparking excitement on the possibility of the character appearing in Fortnite.

Given Epic Games' strong collaboration with Marvel Entertainment in the past, it seems likely that they'll want to capitalise on the Moon Knight series' success by adding the character to the game. A similar instance occurred not too long ago when content creators were invited to the Dune premiere event, which subsequently saw Dune content arriving on the island sometime later.

fortnite leaks marvel crossover moon knight character spider man game cosmetics mechanics
Fortnite had success with previous Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, who arrived in the game with its set of cosmetics. (Picture: Epic Games)

Some dataminers have uncovered Fortnite files, decoded to reveal some interesting information. One dataminer posted online that one file contained lanterns amongst some of its contents; however, it also revealed that the files contain emotes and skins that have yet to be decoded.

Whether these emotes and skins featuring Moon Knight has yet to be determined; however, all this information seemingly teases the character's appearance in Fortnite is imminent. We have to await an official announcement from Epic Games confirming this, for which we'll update this story once it becomes available.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games & Marvel Studios.