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Is Forza Motorsport Available On Xbox One

Forza Motorsport has officially launched for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, Windows PC, and Steam, but is the game available on Xbox One?
Is Forza Motorsport Available On Xbox One
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Players globally are taking to the race tracks to compete against others online or progress in their journey of building their dream car in Forza Motorsport. Many players got to jump into the game’s content five days before its global launch through Early Access for Xbox Series X|S, PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam.

While PC players can choose between playing on Windows PC or Steam, which requires a Microsoft account, last-gen owners hope to play the game on Xbox One consoles. We’ve explained in this guide if Forza Motorsport is available to play on Xbox One consoles and how to achieve this.

Has Forza Motorsport Launched On Xbox One Consoles?

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Forza Motorsport won't be natively be available for Xbox One consoles. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

With Forza Motorsport exiting its Early Access period for players who've purchased the Premium Edition, the racing sim from Turn 10 Studios is now available globally for all players. The game launched for console and PC as of 10th October 2023 but was listed as being made available for Xbox Series X|S consoles.

As for whether the game is currently available for Xbox One consoles, unfortunately, the game won't physically be available for this console at launch. Xbox One owners are surely disappointed that the game will be skipping the last-gen console on its launch day; however, this is due to the game's incredible graphical performance, according to Creative Director Chris Esaki.

This is based on comments regarding the exclusion of Spectator Mode, AI racing in Featured Multiplayer, and split screen support during the Forza Monthly livestream on 11th August 2023. The technical limitations of the Xbox One and the studio's "heavy investment in pushing our new graphical features and a complete overhaul of the rendering engine" made it seemingly impossible to have the game natively available on Xbox One consoles.

However, players can still play the game on this console as there's a way to run it on Xbox One, albeit with its unique challenges. Players can play the game digitally via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Cloud Gaming; the latter depends on whether the service is available in their region or country.

How To Play Forza Motorsport On Xbox One?

If you wish to pursue playing Forza Motorsport on an Xbox One console, you will need to have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to access the Xbox Cloud Gaming facilities. On the Xbox One console, from the Home screen, navigate to "My Games & Apps," and below the "Apps" category, you can scroll to find Forza Motorsport or use the Search bar.

On the game's page, look for the cloud icon beside the Play button, where you'll be able to stream Forza Motorsport directly to your Xbox One console. Additionally, the game saves will be readily available through the cloud, guaranteeing you have a strong and stable internet connection, as players may experience some technical issues like glitches and input lag.

Forza Motorsport is available for Xbox Series X|S, PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam and through Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Cloud Gaming as of 10th October 2023.