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Genshin Impact Onikabuto – Locations, Farming Guide & How To Use

Onikabuto is a purple-colored beetle native to Inazuma with multiple uses but can be tough to find. Here are its locations in Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact Onikabuto – Locations, Farming Guide & How To Use

The Inazuma region is filled with abundant local specialties, which can be found in the wild, from various NPCs, or when visiting shops and vendors. These items serve multiple purposes, from cooking and crafting, and, for a few characters, can be utilized for ascension.

The Onikabuto is one of these local specialties; however, its docile and idle characteristics make it one of the rare creatures in Inazuma. This guide will detail how to use the Onikabuto best and locate them in Genshin Impact.

19th January 2023 Update: The Genshin Impact 3.4 update will include a brand-new event,  Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exciting Extreme Beetle Brawl, which have you control an Onikabuto with unique abilities to face off against other Onikabuto. Event start and end dates have yet to be announced by HoYoverse.

Where To Find Onikabuto In Genshin Impact?

The Onikabuto are particularly challenging to find in Genshin Impact because they tend to stick to rocks and trees; they also can’t be shaken or knocked down, nor do they flee. They can also be spotted crawling around bushes, but a few can be seen in plain sight.

genshin impact onikabuto guide where to find trees rocks inazuma
Travelers will have to look up trees to find an Onikabuto resting on its branches. (Picture: YouTube / taka gg)

Being an Inazuman local specialty, they’re most commonly found on its four islands: Kannazuka, Narukami, Seirai, and Yashiori. In addition, places with high Electro concentrations, like Mikage Furnace and Mt. Yougou, are also home to an abundance of Onikabuto.

Likewise, an Inazuman NPC, Shouta, can grant you four Onikabuto speaking to him for the first time. Lastly, you can receive ten Onikabuto via the in-game Mail on Shikanoin Heizou’s birthday on 24th July.

genshin impact onikabuto guide characters shikanoin heizou birthday gift ascension materials
Travelers can receive Onikabuto from the in-game Mail on Shikanoin Heizou's birthday. (Picture: HoYoverse)

When farming Onikabuto, it’s important to note that they respawn every 48 hours after they’ve been collected. As they cannot be purchased from shops in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to remain patient and wait out the respawn rate before returning to these farming locations to collect more Onikabuto.

Onikabuto Kannazuka Island Farming Route

genshin impact onikabuto guide farming route kannazuka island inazuma
The spawning locations of Onikabuto on Kannazuka Island, Inazuma. (Picture: HoYoverse via Teyvat Interactive Map)
  • Begin the route at the Tatarasuna Peak Teleport Waypoint and travel northwest to find the first Onikabuto
  • From this location, head in a northern direction to locate four more beetles
  • Travel to Mikage Furnace northeast from your previous location to find high amounts of Onikabuto
  • Travel towards the Nazuchi Beach Overlook Teleport Waypoint to find more Onikabuto spawning in the field nearby
  • From the Kujou Encampment Teleport waypoint, head north towards the beach to find two beetles up an Electro tree

Onikabuto Narukami Island Farming Route

genshin impact onikabuto guide farming route narukami island inazuma
Most of the Onikabuto can be found around the mountain at the Grand Narukami Shrine. (Picture: HoYoverse via Teyvat Interactive Map)
  • Starting from the Tenshukaku Teleport waypoint, travel southeast of Inazuma City to farm beetles inside caves nearby the Narukami Island: Tenshukaku Trounce domain.
  • The most Onikabuto you can find is around the Grand Narukami Shrine, going east from the Kamisato Estate to see them in trees along the path and around the mountain at the shrine temple.
  • There are also more Onikabuto at Mt. Yougou inside the crater on the large tree trunks.

Onikabuto Seirai Island Farming Route

gensin impact onikabuto guide farming route seria island inazuma
Travel to the island's center and work towards the beaches to collect Onikabuto. (Picture: HoYoverse via Teyvat Interactive Map)
  • The Onikabuto are located at Amakumo Peak from the Teleport Waypoint at the island's center, going southwest towards the trees along the beaches.

Onikabuto Yashiori Island Farming Route

genshin impact onikabuto guide farming route yashiori island inazuma
Onikabuto will respawn at Higi Village and Serpent's Head in trees and on rocks. (Picture: HoYoverse via Teyvat Interactive Map)
  • The last island to locate Onikabuto, start the route at the Teleport Waypoint southeast of Serpent’s Head with one at the Teleport Waypoint
  • Work your way towards Serpent’s Head with three more beetles nearby the serpent’s skeleton on rocks and trees.
  • Locate a chasm north of Higi Village and look below to find some branches protruding outwards with Onikabuto stuck to them

How To Use Onikabuto In Genshin Impact?

Since it’s a local specialty of the Inazuma region, this purple-hued beetle has very few purposes that can be utilized in-game. Firstly, Onikabuto can be used for crafting the Electro Treasure Compass item, which is incredibly beneficial when locating chests in Inazuma and the Enkanomiya area; however, a Reputation Level of 9 is required to obtain the item’s blueprint.

Secondly, the Onikabuto is best known as a Character Ascension Material for two characters currently in Genshin Impact. The Geo claymore wielder, Arataki Itto, and the Anemo catalyst user Shikanoin Heizou utilized this item as both require 168 Onikabuto to ascend to max levels.

We want to thank the YouTube channel taka gg for their complete walkthrough of the best Onikabuto farming route in Genshin Impact. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.