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All God of War Ragnarok Boss Fights

Here all the main and optional bosses you will encounter in God of War Ragnarok.
All God of War Ragnarok Boss Fights

God of War Ragnarok is a massive game full of mythological creatures and gods that are waiting to kill you. Like previous titles in the series, God of War Ragnarok features some spectacular boss encounters that showcase the technological and artistic capabilities of Sony Santa Monica Studios.

There are optional bosses as well that you might encounter while trudging off the beaten path. Additionally, there are end-game bosses that, without spoiling anything, are some of the most formidable foes in the entirety of the series. And with that said, here are all the bosses in God of War Ragnarok.

All Bosses in God of War Ragnarok

Below you will find the list of all the Main bosses, Favor / open-world bosses, and Berserker bosses in God of War Ragnarok. 

Main bosses

god of war ragnarok main bosses
Main bosses in God of War Ragnarok are a sight to behold. (Picture: Sony Santa Monica Studios)
  • Bjorn - Surviving Fimbulwinter
  • Thor - Surviving Fimbulwinter
  • The Huntress - Surviving Fimbulwinter
  • Dreki - The Quest for Tyr
  • Alva - Groa's Secret
  • Gryla - The Lost Tree
  • Vanadis - The Reckoning
  • Forest Ancient - The Reckoning
  • Fiske - The Reckoning
  • Nidhogg - The Reckoning
  • Frost Phantom - The World Of Fate
  • Garm - Reunion
  • Dreki - Creatures of Prophecy 
  • Gulltoppr - Creatures of Prophecy
  • Heimdall - Creatures of Prophecy
  • Frost Ancient - Unlocking The Mask
  • Flame Phantom - The Summoning
  • Soul Eater - The Summoning 
  • Hrist & Mist - The Summoning
  • Thor - The Realms At War
  • Odin - The Realms At War 

Favor / Open-World Bosses

god of war ragnarok boss fights
God of War Ragnarok has a ton of challenging optional boss encounters. (Picture: Sony Santa Monica Studios)
  • Blatonn - The Abandoned Village, Vanaheim
  • Dreki - Freya's Missing Peace
  • Dreki - The Dead of The Night Favor
  • Dreki - What Lies Below Favor
  • Egil The Oath Guard - The Crater, Vanaheim
  • Gna - Defend Your Valor Favor
  • Gravel Belly - The Forbidden Sands Favor
  • Jorgen The Oath Guard - The Plains Vanaheim 
  • King Hrolf Kraki - The King's Grave, Midgard
  • Miklimunnr - The Applecore, Svartlefheim Favor
  • Vali The Oath Guard - For Vanaheim! Favor
  • Vali The Oath Guard - The Plains, Vanaheim
  • Flame Phantom - Nocturnal Predator Favor
  • Frost Phantom - The Forbidden Sands, Alfheim
  • Cragjaw - The Quaking Hollow Favor
  • Soul Eater - Freya's Missing Peace Favor
  • Slag Horn - The Path of Destruction Favor
  • Soul Eater - In Plain Sight Favor
  • Stinnr and Strekr - The Barrens, Alfheim
  • Olaf Nautson - The Animal Instincts Favor
  • Ormstunga - The Lost Treasure Favor
  • Ormstunga - Alberich Hollow, Svartlefheim
  • Visi Haglkorn - The Lake of Nine, Midgard
  • The Hateful - Born From Fire Favor
  • The Maven - The Elven Sanctum Favor
  • The Corpse Eater - The Trail of The Dead Favor
  • The Ash Tyrant - The Burning Skies Favor
  • The Raven Keeper - The Eyes of Odin Favor
  • The Crimson Dread - For Vanaheim! Favor

Berserker Bosses

  • Fraekni the Zealous - Midgard
  • Starolfr the Troublesome, Bodvar the Fierce - Jarnsmida Pitmines, Svartalfheim
  • Hardrefill the Callous - Nidavellir, Svartalfheim
  • Beigadr the Feared - Alberich Island, Svartalfheim
  • Svipdagr the Cold, Sisters of Illska - The Barrens, Alfheim 
  • Hjalti the Stolid - The Forbidden Sands, Alfheim 
  • Hvitserkr the Bold - Pilgrim's Landing, Vanaheim
  • Haklangr the Bearded - The Sinkholes, Vanaheim
  • Skjothendi the Unerring - Mist Fields, Niflheim
  • King Hrolf - King's Grave, Midgard

And that's all the bosses in God of War Ragnarok. 

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 Featured image courtesy of Sony Santa Monica.