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What's The Next Lab To Do After Hedge In Grounded

To progress through Grounded, you'll be visiting four different labs. But where do you go after the Hedge Lab?
What's The Next Lab To Do After Hedge In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment

The first lab players will need to work through is the Hedge Lab, found tucked away in (you guessed it) the hedge. Filled with spiders and robots, the Hedge Lab is the first real test of a player's survival instincts. When everything is wrapped up, and you've returned to BURG.L with the super chip, he'll point you in the direction of three more labs: Pond Lab, Haze Lab, and the Black Ant Lab

These all become available at once, but some are more tricky to navigate than others. Each one has its own hazards, and will require different equipment to make it through unscathed. With so much choice, it's can be tricky to know which lab is the best next step. 

Where Should You Go Next After The Hedge Lab In Grounded?

661d090357de8-Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 12.00.58.png
The Pond Lab is your next step, but you'll need some crucial equipment. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

After completing the Hedge Lab, we recommend that your next stop should be the Pond Lab. You'll need to do a decent amount of prep in order to have everything you need to survive this biome, as you'll be underwater. 

So, what do you need to get to the Pond Lab? Well, You'll want a way to breathe underwater, so you'll want to craft the Gill Tube and also stock up on some LiquidGills. You'll also need a way to defend yourself, so crafting the Pebblet Dagger is a must. For this, you'll need: 

  • Pebblet x2
  • Crude Rope x2
  • Lilypad Wax x2

Get your dagger sorted first, as you'll need it to harvest materials for the Gill Tube and Liquid Gills. 

Where Is The Pond Lab In Grounded?

As the murky depths of the pond can be a little hard to navigate, you'll want to make use of landmarks. The Sunken T-Rex will be your best bet, as it will also be where you can find Sunken Bone. These can be used to craft a Bubble Helmet that will double your oxygen capacity, so make sure you craft this before heading into the lab.

The Pond Lab is actually behind the T-Rex, and you'll spot some illuminated archways that'll guide you to where you need to go.