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How To Get Brittle Whetstones In Grounded

To improve your weapons and tools, you'll need to get your hands on some Brittle Whetstones in Grounded.
How To Get Brittle Whetstones In Grounded
Obsidian, Alexandra Hobbs

A decent weapon will help keep you safe in Grounded, and having a rotation of equipment will serve you even better against he variety of bugs in the backyard. To make sure that even your early game weaponry is the best it can be, you'll need to upgrade them with Brittle Whetstones. But this important material will need to crafted. 

How To Craft Brittle Whetstones In Grounded

Brittle Whetstones are used to upgrade weapons and tools. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

There are actually two ways to craft Brittle Whetstones in Grounded. One makes use of a finite resource, while the other is locked behind one of the labs. The first method is one you'll be using during the early game, and you'll need the following:

  • Brittle Quartzite Shard x1
  • Workbench

The second way to get Brittle Whetstones involves collecting the super chip from the Black Ant Lab. This lab will pose a fair amount of challenge if you're not well equipped, so you'll likely only explore this lab after you've made some significant progress through the game.

Once you've collected this super chip, head back to BURG.L and you'll be able to collect the recipe for Brittle Whetstone — Advanced Smithing: Brittle Upgrades. This recipe only requires the following:

  • Sap x1
  • Larva Spike x1
  • Workbench

Both Larva Spikes and Sap are readily available resources, so you'll be able to craft all the Brittle Plating you could possible need with this recipe. The trouble is that you'll need to complete the Black Ant Hill Lab and defeat its bosses to get the chip. If you've just completed the Hedge Lab, we suggest that your next port of call should be the Pond Lab