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Is there PvP in Icarus?

Icarus, the long-awaited sci-fi survival game, has finally arrived after several weeks of beta testing. And while we know that the game will offer a co-op experience, many competitive gamers are wondering if the game will have some kind of PvP multiplayer. Let's find out.
Is there PvP in Icarus?
Icarus, the next survival sandbox game from DayZ creator, Dean Hall, is now available on Steam in its full, 1.0 version.

Icarus sees players landing on the titular planet, Icarus, a once-promising "new Earth" whose terraformation turned sour upon discovery of valuable materials known as "Exotics".

As always, humanity's avarice wins, and thus instead of families and bustling cities, we see intrepid Prospectors participating in a new gold rush on a planetary scale, but it's the aforementioned "Exotics" they are after, not gold.

The game offers 35 different scenarios (missions) for players to dive into, set on a humongous 64 square kilometres map with several diverse biomes, full of all kinds of threats, both environmental and biological.

We know that this vast map of Icarus supports up to 8-player co-op games, but is there some kind of PvP multiplayer? Something to satisfy your competitive side would be great, but let's check out if there's a PvP mode in Icarus.

Does Icarus have competitive PvP?

Is there PvP in Icarus?
Icarus supports up to 8-player co-op. (Picture: RocketWerkz)

In Icarus, players will be jumping into Prospects when they want to start a new game. Prospects are coming with a mission, which is your "main" goal of that playthrough, something you will strive to achieve before the mission ends, but that's just the end goal, on your journey, you will need to think about surviving, exploring, gathering resources, crafting, building shelter, defending yourself, and much more.

You can play alone, but other players can also join your Prospect, either your friends or random Steam players. And while there can be up to 8 players simultaneously in one Prospect, the game doesn't have any competitive elements, and there won't be any PvP modes.

The full focus of the game is on PvE cooperative experience, where players will need to work together in order to overcome adversities and complete their mission.

And while the developers have stated that they will continue working on the multiplayer aspects of the game, they emphasize that it only means working on improving the co-op PvE experience, not adding PvP content.

So there you have it, Icarus doesn't have PvP nor any other kind of competitively oriented features, like leaderboards or high scores.


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