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League of Legends Arcane's second season is now in production

Riot Games has confirmed the production of Arcane's Season 2, after its massive support by fans and its success within Netflix.
League of Legends Arcane's second season is now in production

Without a doubt, the successful premiere of the first season of Arcane, the animated series based on the League of Legends universe, managed to impress both veteran players of this MOBA, as well as those who marked their first approach to the lore of Runeterra with its launch on Netflix.

Now that its nine chapters are fully available on this streaming platform, and with its popularity going through the roof making Arcane one of the most-watched series at the moment, many are now wondering when its second season will arrive, or if there will be one.

League of Legends Arcane
Arcane follows the origins of Jinx and the nation of Zaun. (Picture: Riot Games)

Fortunately, for all those who are attached to the dramatic story of Jinx and Vi in Piltover, Riot Games hasn’t taken long to confirm the second season of their animated series is already in production, thanks to the response and support from both fans and viewers.

The confirmation of this sequel has come thanks to a video shared on their social media. We can also notice some hidden messages in the background from champions such as Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, and even the long-rumoured Warwick, who is expected to make his debut in the series in the future.

That said, Riot didn’t make clear an approximate date for its official launch, however, more than one Rioter has confirmed the community will have to wait a long time, as new episodes or teasers won’t be released anytime soon.

This is something unsurprising if we take into account it took two years since its first reveal before we finally got to see Arcane's premiere worldwide.

But this is not a reason to be sad or angry as thanks to announcements such as Project L’s teaser, as well as the future release of Song of Nunu as part of their publishing brand Riot Forge, we will be able to enjoy more content related to Runeterra next year.

League of Legends Arcane
More stories from Runeterra are coming with Arcane's second season now confirmed. (Picture: Riot Games)

So for now, we will have to wait quite some time for the second season of Arcane, with a tentative release date for the end of 2022 or during 2023.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.