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League of Legends
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New champion Akshan and more skins revealed for Rise of the Sentinels event

The Lost Sentinel will arrive as part of this global event, along with a batch of skins featuring more Sentinel and Ruined champions.
The Sentinels of Light's arrival to the Summoner’s Rift is just around the corner, as the new event based on the Ruination will arrive on 8th July to League of Legends, with lots of content being prepared to debut on other titles like Teamfight Tactics with its new expansion, and new weapon skins for Valorant.

As we have covered in previous days, the battle for survival against the Black Mist and the Ruined King will bring with it new alliances between champions from all the realms of Runeterra, while some others will fall corrupted by the power of Ruin, so the Sentinels of Light will go into action to prevent Viego's revenge.

This is how today, Riot has revealed new content that will arrive during the patch 11.15 to League of Legends, bringing with it five new skins based on both sides of this war against the Ruin, as well as the debut of a new champion.

Akshan, the Lost Centinel makes his first showing

One of the most anticipated champions in recent months thanks to the story of the Ruined King and his connection to Lucian and Senna, will finally make his appearance during this global event after being revealed through a cryptic puzzle several days ago.

League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels Akshan
(Picture: Riot Games)

Akshan will be the newest introduction to the extensive League of Legends roster, a mid laner with marksman skills, who has flexibility and skills that allow him to move into the side lanes to help his teammates.

The confirmation of Akshan's release, as well as part of his personality and a bit of his story, was revealed by Riot through an event presentation trailer, which you can watch below:

Akshan's abilities as well as full details about him will be revealed as the release of patch 11.15 approaches.

More Sentinels join the fight, while others fall into the Ruin

As the Ruin starts to expand its presence around Runeterra, more champions from all around this world will join the forces of the Light, to battle against its advance and protect their people, while some others will fall into its curse.

Let’s take on all skins unveiled that will join the first announced a couple of weeks ago.

Sentinel Graves

League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels Sentinel Graves
(Picture: Riot Games)

Sentinel Pyke

League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels Sentinel Pyke
(Picture: Riot Games)

Sentinel Rengar

League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels Sentinel Rengar
(Picture: Riot Games)

Ruined Miss Fortune

League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels Ruined Miss Fortune
(Picture: Riot Games)

Unbound Thresh

League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels Unbound Thresh
(Picture: Riot Games)

Next Yordle champion spotted on Akshan’s trailer

The last of the champions expected to come from Viego’s story was also teased at the end of the trailer, showing us for the first time the long-rumoured Yordle champion.

League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels new Yordle champion
(Picture: Riot Games)

As revealed back in April, this Yordle is known to have a bad temperament, which will be more noticeable with those who spend it bouncing around her, so she will not hesitate to teach a lesson to those who irritate her.

This new Burst Mage champion was supposed to be released before Akshan, however a change in focus from the development team delayed its release, it's now slated for either an August or September release.

In the meantime, we will have to wait for the new content that will arrive on 8th July as part of patch 11.14, while all of the skins revealed today along with Akshan will be available soon in the PBE server.

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