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Former Worlds Champion Toyz Sentenced To Jail For Drug Trafficking

LoL 2012 World Champion Liu "Toyz" Weijian was prosecuted for drug trafficking and sentenced to four years and two months in prison.
Former Worlds Champion Toyz Sentenced To Jail For Drug Trafficking

League of Legends 2012 World Champion and former Taipei Assassin's player Liu "Toyz" Weijian was prosecuted in Taiwan last year for drug trafficking. According to Yahoo Hong Kong, the player was arrested following a police seizure of over 200 marijuana pods in various locations. Toyz later pleaded guilty during the trial before being sentenced to four years and two months in prison following a conviction of six crimes.

The Taichung District Court ruled the case around early morning on 24th November 2022, but Toyz didn't appear in court. According to Toyz's defense lawyer, the pro was unfamiliar with Taiwan's laws and hoped for a lighter sentence. They have since requested an appeal to the case.

league of legends 2012 world champion taipei assassins liu toyz weijian sentenced prison
League of Legends 2012 World Champion Liu "Toyz" Weijian has been sentenced to prison. (Picture: Instagram via Toyz)

Toyz was initially arrested under suspicion of selling marijuana on the internet in September 2021 after Taiwanese police found and seized 200 packs of marijuana. When Toyz was detained in 2021, the Taichung District Court noted that the player handed over the drugs and pleaded guilty, ruling that Toyz should be released on bail, equaling HK$ 385,000 or nearly US$ 50,000.

The Taichung District Prosecutor's Office later detected a second-level drug reaction in Toyz's hair. After applying for rehabilitation, the professional player entered Taichung Rehabilitation Center and was released on 3rd January 2022.

Following this, the Taichung District Court concluded the investigation, prosecuting Toyz on four counts of second-degree drug trafficking and two attempted drug trafficking crimes. In addition, law enforcement and court officials also prosecuted seven other people involved in assisting Toyz in distributing drugs.

So far, Toyz hasn't released an official statement apart from a recent YouTube video entitled, "I made the hardest decision of my life" (rough translation). We've embedded it above for anyone interested in watching. Unfortunately, the video is in complete Chinese, and there are no English captions to translate the dialogue.