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Lost Ark Drumbeat Island – Location, co-op quests and rewards

Lost Ark's Drumbeat Island presents players with a rewarding mini-dungeon co-op quest and tons of rewards for those who can find its location.
Lost Ark Drumbeat Island – Location, co-op quests and rewards

Lost Ark features a variety of events and activities players can choose to complete when not continuing their progress through the endgame content. There are several islands to explore, and they are extremely rewarding to do as you can partake in the various quests available for rewards.

Some of these islands aren’t easily accessible, such as Drumbeat Island, which is only available in-game for a limited time. This guide explains where you can find Drumbeat Island, how to complete the co-op quest and collect your rewards in Lost Ark.

Where to find Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark?

Drumbeat Island is one of Lost Ark’s lesser-known islands located in the Vern East Sea, east of the North Vern continent. This location is an Adventure Island that has spawns at various times throughout the month, which players can check through the Procyon’s Compass.

lost ark guide drumbeat island adventure islands map location world map procyons compass
Using the World Map and Procyon's Compass to determine where and when Drumbeat Island will spawn. (Picture: YouTube / Quests)

Select the Adventure Islands tab when browsing through this hub to view the spawning times, including Drumbeat Island. Additionally, you can be notified in-game when the island is about to spawn by setting alarms within Procyon’s Compass.

All Drumbeat Island quests in Lost Ark

Drumbeat Island features an island questline, Mysterious Object, that includes two quests that you can pick up from the island’s NPC, Scholar Orbitan. This triggers the first quest, Dangerous Debris, which tasks you to locate fragments descending from the sky, using telescopes to seek them out.

lost ark guide drumbeat island adventure islands scholar orbitan npc
Pick up the Mysterious Object questline, including the co-op quest to complete and earn rewards. (Picture: YouTube / Quests)

Interact with the telescopes nearby before returning to the scholar to report a fallen object. The scholar will give you the Rabbit Foot Hammer before heading out to where you spotted the fragments.

You’ll need to interact with the fragments on the beach to collect 300 fragments within the allocated timeframe. Once you have collected enough fragments, this will conclude the first quest before the mandatory co-op quest begins.

lost ark guide drumbeat island adventure islands co-op quest the thing from the sky dungeon event
The Thing from the Sky is a co-op dungeon mini-event where you'll have to eliminate blob creatures and destroy falling objects. (Picture: YouTube / Quests)

The co-op quest, The Thing from the Sky, is an island mini-dungeon event that tasks you with clearing the area by eliminating blob creatures. As you'll be working with other players in this quest, you'll need to use the hammer obtained from the scholar to crack open the object to investigate what is being contained inside.

More objects will fall from the sky; however, you have to eliminate the blob creatures and complete the co-op quest within a specific time. After completing the co-op quest, return to the scholar to discuss your findings, concluding the island questline.

All Drumbeat Island quest rewards in Lost Ark

lost ark guide drumbeat island adventure islands rewards scholar orbitan npc mysterious object questlines
Speak with the island NPC to conclude the Mysterious Object questline and collect your rewards. (Picture: YouTube / Quests)

Players can earn various rewards when completing the Mysterious Object questline. However, since the Island Token is an RNG drop during The Thing from the Sky co-op quest, you will need to complete the quest as many times as possible to obtain the item.

Additionally, you'll get 10,000 Pirate Coins and 2,033 Roster XP for completing the Mysterious Object questline. Some of the other rewards you are likely to receive from the quests are as follows:

  • 1,875 Silver
  • 70 Roster XP
  • High Seas Coin Chest
  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack
  • Soul Leaf
  • Providence Stone
  • 1,000 Gienah Coins

We like to thank the YouTube channel Quests for the complete tutorial on locating Drumbeat Island and completing the island quests in Lost Ark. Consider subscribing to their channel for more epic content.


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