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Lost Ark Illusion Island - Location, quest, and rewards

A rewarding PvP challenge awaits Lost Ark players on the Illusion Island, follow along for the island location, quest, rewards, and more.
Lost Ark Illusion Island - Location, quest, and rewards

The Illusion Island (otherwise referred to as Illusion Isle) in Lost Ark can be difficult to find and a challenge to tackle. Don’t miss this timed island for a chance to receive the island token.

Illusion Island is a PvP island, so players will have to face other players while completing the quest and searching for the Mokoko Seeds on the island. You may not be a fan of PvP, but don’t let that scare you away because the island tokens are exchanged for PvE equipment.

Illusion Island Location - Lost Ark

Lost Ark Illusion Island Map Location screenshot
A look at the exact map location of Illusion Island in Lost Ark. (Picture: Amazon Games via YoutTube / RaZzi)

Located North of the North Vern area is the Illusion Island, and it’s a timed island so it will only appear every two hours. The island is located in the centre of the Siren Sea, so be prepared to sail through these potentially stunning waters.

If you're a newer player, or perhaps just looking to freshen up on your skills, check out our Lost Ark sailing guide to make your trip to Illusion Island a smooth ride.

Illusion Island Quest and Rewards

In order for players to receive the Illusion Island Token, they must find it from Illusion Island Loot. This loot can be found randomly spawned around the isle or from completing the island quest.

Loot spawned on Illusion Island requires having five stacks of an attack buff that comes from interacting with the tombstones found around the isle.

Red Waves is a PvP quest that requires killing other players to receive points until 1500 points are achieved by one player. Players receive 10 points for defeating another player and five points for an assist.

The top 3 players receive higher amounts of silver and an Illusion Isle Loot. Don’t worry, you still get an Illusion Island Loot and some silver if you don’t place in the top 3.

Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark Illusion Isle Mokoko Seeds
An illusionary wall needs to be passed in the northeast to find 2 of the Mokoko Seeds. (Picture: Amazon Games via YoutTube / RaZzi)

There are 3 Mokoko Seeds that can be found on Illusion Isle, though they are slightly elusive. The first Mokoko Seed is in the Southeast end of the island tucked out of view behind a tree.

An additional two seeds are in the Northeast and appear off the minimap, but you simply have to walk through an illusionary wall to find them on the other side. That's just about all you need to know for Lost Ark Illusion Island, if you're looking for more coverage, be sure to check out our dedicated Lost Ark page.

We’d also like to give a special thanks to YouTuber RaZzi for providing a full guide of Illusion Isle.


Featured Image Courtesy of Playostark.