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Lost Ark Lagoon Island – Location, Island Boss quest and rewards

Lagoon Island is a popular fishing location in Lost Ark with a co-op Adventure quest that tasks players to defeat a boss to earn an island token.
Lost Ark Lagoon Island – Location, Island Boss quest and rewards

Lost Ark's Lagoon Island is a quaint yet pristine island that players can explore when traversing on the open waters. The island is renowned for being a popular fishing location; however, it is also an Adventure Island, making it difficult for players to access it.

When the island is active, you can complete its main questline and defeat the island boss to acquire an island token. This guide explains where to find Lagoon Island, the cooperative quest available, and obtaining the island token in Lost Ark.

Where to find Lagoon Island in Lost Ark?

According to the Lost Ark Interactive Map, Lagoon Island is west of Tooki Island and southeast of the Bern continent in Arkesia. Similar to Asura Island, Lagoon Island is an Adventure Island where you can check the island's status using the Procyon's Compass.

lost ark guide lagoon island adventure island map location
Lagoon Island is an Adventure Island that's located west of Tooki Island. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

The Procyon's Compass allows players to view all scheduled events and dungeons across Arkesia, including Adventure Islands. Navigate to the compass icon below the mini-map in the top left corner of the screen to open the Procyon's Compass tab.

On-screen, select the Adventure Island tile and click "Appearance Info". You can enable the in-game alert and notify you when Lagoon Island is spawning.

Lagoon Island quests in Lost Ark

Lagoon Island features a cooperative quest triggered after arriving on the island's shores. This co-op quest requires you to defeat the island's boss, Iar Kaya, which can be done before starting the island's questline.

lost ark guide lagoon island adventure island npc island quest giver boatman
After arriving at Lagoon Island, speak with the boatman to receive the island's questline. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

However, before the co-op quest begins, you'll meet an NPC upon arriving on the island. Talk to the NPC to trigger the island's questline before tackling the island boss battle.

The boss battle with Iar Kaya is quite challenging and requires some preparation ahead of time. It's recommended that you reach Level 50 and have an item level of 250 before facing Iar Kaya.

Lost Ark – Lagoon Island quest rewards

It's worth noting that the island boss battle with Iar Kaya will reward you with the Lagoon Island Token. This battle is different from other encounters because the Lagoon Island Token is an RNG drop.

This means that if you don't get the island token the first time you face Iar Kaya on Lagoon Island, you may have to come back until you've received the island token. Additionally, you'll earn an Epic Skill Rune effect called Wealth, increasing your identity gauge on skill hit.

Depending on your character class, the identity gauge will differ but can be beneficial due to the buff you'll receive. This is based on the effect's rarity, for which there are four types, each with its buff rate.

lost ark guide lagoon island adventure island iar kaya island boss cooperative quest co op quest rng drop
The co-op quest where you'll need to defeat the island boss, Iar Kaya, is an RNG drop in which you can obtain the island token. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)
  • Uncommon - Increase your identity gauge on a skill hit by 10%
  • Rare - Increase your identity gauge on a skill hit by 20%
  • Epic - Increase your identity gauge on a skill hit by 30%
  • Legendary - Increase your identity gauge on a skill hit by 40%

Once Iar Kaya, the island boss, has been defeated and you have acquired the Lagoon Island Token, you can start progressing your way through the island's questline. If you haven't received the island questline from the NPC when arriving at Lagoon Island, you can head back to start the quest.

Starting with "That's Deep", complete all the relating quests coloured yellow, which, once completed, will earn you Engravings and Pirate Coins. If you want to exchange the island token for additional rewards, you can locate the vendor NPC, Opher, at Lonely Island.

We like to thank the YouTube channel RaZzi for the complete tutorial on defeating Iar Kaya and completing the island questline on Lagoon Island in Lost Ark.


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