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Lost Ark Phantomwing Island – Location, co-op quests and rewards

Phantomwing Island features one of the longest Adventure Island boss battles. Here's how to find the island and defeat the boss in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Phantomwing Island – Location, co-op quests and rewards

Lost Ark's Phantomwing Island is a beautiful and scenic location home to colonies of butterflies and unique vegetation. It's pretty popular amongst players given its proximity to other locations; however, it's not easy to locate.

Phantomwing Island is also an Adventure Island meaning that it won't be available to players at various times of the day; however, there is plenty to do upon arrival. This guide details how you can find this dreamy utopia, how to complete the quests and defeat the Island Boss in Lost Ark.

Where to find Phantomwing Island in Lost Ark?

Phantomwing Island is located in the Great Sea, south-east of Rohendel and north of Punika. As with several islands found across the Arkesia World Map, it's also an Adventure Island, a limited-time event island that features an event for players to participate in and earn rewards.

lost ark adventure island phantomwing island map location world map
As Phantomwing Island is an Adventure Island, check Procyon's Compass for when it will spawn. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

As with all Adventure Islands, Phantomwing Island doesn't have a predefined spawning time as it can appear several times a day. However, you can check Procyon's Compass and locate the Adventure Islands tab to view the following possible times for Phantomwing Island and set in-game notifications for when it's about to appear.

All Phantomwing Island quests in Lost Ark

There are quite a few quests players can embark on when on Phantomwing Island, which helps progress to obtain the Island Token. The first quest you'll want to begin with is by speaking to Melissa, an NPC who will give you "The Guide Amongst the Illusions" quest, where you'll need to locate butterflies in three marked areas.

lost ark adventure island phantomwing island melissa npc quest giver
Melissa is one of the island's quest givers where you need to locate butterflies somewhere on the island. (Picture: YouTube / UngaBungaTodd)

Following this quest and a subsequent cutscene, you can speak with Adrinne to begin the "The Duty of the Last Knight" quest, where you'll have to forage phantom plants from a cave nearby. Complete the objective before returning to her to begin the next quest to find her sword.

Speak with an NPC near a cave entrance who will direct you to a Guard Captain on the island. Once you have met with the Guard Captain, he will question you about Adrinne before accepting his quest, "For Adrinne".

lost ark adventure island phantomwing island guard captain quest giver
The island's Guard Captain is another NPC and quest giver you can find on Phantomwing Island. (Picture: YouTube / UngaBungaTodd)

This quest tasks you with convincing Adrinne to remain on Phantomwing Island since she has become a Demon. You'll need to draw her sword before telling her the truth about her past, in which you'll need to speak with the Guard Captain to conclude the quest.

Pick up the following quest, "Adrinne of Light and Darkness", from the Guard Captain, where you need to collect 20 Phantomwings. The area is highlighted on the mini-map, which shouldn't be too hard to find; however, this quest is the island's co-op quest needed to complete the Island Token.

How to defeat the Island Boss on Phantomwing Island in Lost Ark?

lost ark adventure island phantomwing island adrinne of light and darkness quest
Accept the "Adrinne of Light and Darkness" quest, where you need to extract purified energy from butterflies. (Picture: YouTube / UngaBungaTodd)

Once you have accepted the "Adrinne of Light and Darkness" quest, you'll travel to the designated spot to extract purified energy from Phantomwings for the Guard Captain. Instead, Adrinne awaits you in this area, having transformed into her Demonic form, thus beginning the co-op quest, "A Thousand Fluttering Nights and Days".

There are three stages in this boss battle in which you need to inflict as much damage until she retreats and a tornado instead appears. Afterwards, you can use the tornado to transport you to her following location on the island to continue the boss battle.

It would help if you did this three times total to defeat Adrinne, which completes the co-op quest, and you can then receive its rewards. Then, you can continue to complete the remaining island quests before departing for your next adventure.

All Phantomwing Island quest rewards in Lost Ark

Obtaining the Island Token is an RNG reward you can receive once you have defeated Adrinne. If players don't' get this item on their first try, they'll have to wait for Phantomwing Island to respawn before undertaking this co-op quest.

lost ark adventure island phantomwing island adrinne boss battle rng drop
Defeating Adrinne is an RNG boss drop where you may be rewarded with the Island token. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

Likewise, completing the other island quests will reward you handsomely for your efforts. These rewards include some currency, cards and Engravings, making completing these quests worthwhile.

Here are the other rewards you can get from Phantomwing Island:

  • Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack x3
  • Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x6
  • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class-Exclusive) x2
  • Adventure: Phantom Butterfly Secret Map
  • Protection Rune
  • Adrinne Card
  • Pirate Coins x5000
  • Silver x30,372
  • Gold x200

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / RaZzi.