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Lost Ark Feiton Powerpass – How to get and rewards

Lost Ark's April content update will include the Feiton Powerpass for players to earn and level up their character to tackle the endgame content.
Lost Ark Feiton Powerpass – How to get and rewards

Lost Ark servers are currently down for developer Smilegate to slowly release their April content update, Battle for the Throne of Chaos. This update sees a host of balance changes, bug fixes and new content.

One of the game's latest additions is the progression event in which players can receive the Feiton Powerpass. Nevertheless, you must complete a specific questline to acquire the Powerpass, which we have outlined in this guide.

Lost Ark Feiton Powerpass – How to get

In the April update for Lost Ark, developer Smilegate detailed a new progression event that will begin on 21st April 2022. The Feiton Powerpass, according to the developer, will function similarly to the Vern Powerpass, so players that have received it should have an idea of how it works.

lost ark guide feiton powerpass main questline game progression endgame content vern powerpass
Like the Vern Powerpass, players will need to complete a specific questline to receive the Feiton Powerpass. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

To acquire the Feiton Powerpass, you'll need to complete the main questline, "Will", in the Feiton continent. You can complete this questline before the progression event begins or during that period.

If you have completed the Feiton main questline, you'll receive the Feiton Powerpass, in which a Power Pass Token will be mailed to you via the in-game mail feature. Should you wish to use it, you can quickly level up any of your characters, for which a second Power Pass Token will be sent to you after that.

lost ark guide feiton powerpass main questline game progression endgame content level powerpass token
The Feiton Powerpass allows players to use its token to boost any character after completing a specific questline. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

Activating the Powerpass is pretty straightforward. Navigate to the character selection menu and browse through your roster of characters. Select any of the characters you wish to level up and quickly activate the Powerpass on that character.

Lost Ark Feiton Powerpass – Rewards

Once you have the Powerpass sent to your in-game mail and have chosen which character to boost, you should be able to bring your character to a specific juncture in the game. You'll likely be required to complete an Adventurer's Path questline for your character's specific class, which will unlock some valuable items.

lost ark guide feiton powerpass main questline game progression endgame content chaos dungeons guardian raids
You can receive Item Level 960 gear with the Feiton Powerpass, which should help you complete the game's endgame content. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

With the Powerpass, you'll receive gear with the Item Level of 960, which should come in handy with the game's progression. Continuously upgrading their gear with the materials gained by completing endgame activities will allow you to progress throughout the game's tiered endgame content.

The Feiton Powerpass will be available, as mentioned previously, from 21st April 2022 until 30th June 2022. Players can decide when they wish to use the Powerpass as they have ample time to use it before receiving a second one.


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Featured image courtesy of Smilegate / Amazon Games.