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Madden 22
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How to call an RPO in Madden 22

Trick the defence with the unique play call, Run Pass Option (RPO) in Madden 22.
The RPO is otherwise known as a “Run Pass Option” play in Madden 22 and is one of the most challenging calls to pull off. 

These plays differ from the standard run or pass plays in that the player has a choice between the two. When the play develops, players can either pass the ball or hand it off to a running back to run. Naturally, since there’s so much going on with these plays, they’re hard to pull off. 

Moreover, some players have no idea they’re even an option to call in Madden 22. Well, today we’ll go over how to call an RPO and how to pull it off without a hitch. 

Calling an RPO in Madden 22

How to call RPO Madden 22 Run Pass Option guide
An RPO is coordinated between a quarterback and the running back/receivers. (Picture: EA)

To call in an RPO in Madden 22, all players have to do is head into their offensive playbook and scroll down the various formations until they see “RPO.” Click the formation and a series of plays involving the run pass option will appear, allowing players to pick exactly what they want to run. Different offensive playbooks will feature more RPO plays than others. 

All of this is exactly the same as picking a traditional run or pass play. However, the difference in the plays comes in when players line up for the actual play. If you hike the ball with an RPO play setpiece and don’t call an audible, then you’ll have two choices when the play starts to unfurl. 

The first option is to pass the ball to a receiver within a couple of seconds. Receivers will typically run quick routes, like slants, with an RPO play. This gives you, the quarterback, an easy option if you want to pass. However, if the receivers are covered and you don’t pass the ball, then your QB will hand the ball off to the running back. 

How to call RPO Madden 22 Run Pass Option guide
RPO plays can be very rewarding in Madden 22. (Picture: EA)

RPO plays are designed to be run plays, so the default option is to run the ball. Of course, if you see a receiver open before the QB hands the ball off, you can pass it to that receiver. 

These types of plays are great, especially when mixed in with the copious amounts of standard run and pass plays you call in Madden 22. However, they are risky, as you can lose yardage or be picked off if you make the wrong decision when choosing to pass or run. 

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