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How to do a pump fake in Madden 22

Trick the defenders for an easy reception in Madden 22.
How to do a pump fake in Madden 22

There are numerous ways for a quarterback to trick the defence in Madden 22

From disguising a route, calling an audible or some other method, it’s hard being a defender in a quarterback’s world. In regards to those other methods, one of the more forgotten about ways to trick a defence is with a simple pump fake. Perhaps the oldest trick in the book, Madden players always forget about the pump fake when they’re playing. 

This guide will aim to refresh your mind when it comes to pump fakes and give you the best situation to use the trick. 

Doing a pump fake in Madden 22

Madden 22 pump fake
Players can avoid an INT by using a simple pump fake. (Picture: EA)

The first step to pulling off a pump fake is simply calling a passing play. You can try something a little more complicated like an RPO play but a standard passing play is all you need for a pump fake. 

Once the play is called, you need to have your receivers run their routes. However, when looking at what receiver you want to throw to, you need to make sure they’re not near the receiver you’re going to fake throw it to. This gives you more of a chance of fooling the defence. When you’re ready to do a pump fake, follow the command below: 

  • For Xbox and PlayStation: Press your receiver’s button twice 

By doing this, you will pump fake towards the direction of that receiver, throwing off the defence and hopefully getting your actual intended target more open. 

The best time to use a pump fake in Madden 22

Madden 22 pump fake qb
QBs have a large number of tricks in their arsenal. (Picture: EA)

There’s not really a best time to use a pump fake in Madden 22. They’re great in most situations but especially when you have some extra time in the pocket. If you try and pump fake with pressure coming, then you probably won’t be able to get the throw off to your intended receiver before being sacked. 

As long as you make sure you have time to pump fake, then it’s a great move most of the time. 


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