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How To Complete Storm's Challenge Mission In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Storm makes it rain in her Challenge Mission, available for players to unlock and earn her Legendary Suit and Heroic Card in Midnight Suns.
How To Complete Storm's Challenge Mission In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns’ Challenge Missions have allowed players to test their combat skills using their favorite members by eliminating all enemies within the battle arena. It can be rewarding as it helps you understand how their abilities work while granting the chance to use their powerful Heroic ability.

As the “Blood Storm” DLC is the last post-launch content for the tactical RPG (following on from Morbius, Deadpool, Venom) you can explore Storm's Story Missions and test her skills in her Challenge Mission, which has proven to be arguably one of the most challenging of the entire game. This guide details completing the “Make It Rain” Challenge Mission and earning all the Legendary rewards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

How To Complete Storm’s 'Make It Rain' Challenge Mission In Midnight Suns

Ororo Munroe / Storm is the final DLC character available for Midnight Suns, and sees her team up with fellow mutants to locate a powerful mutant teen in New York City. While taking up residence at the Abbey, players will have access to the character after completing the various prerequisites before adding her to your team to bring along in missions.

marvels midnight suns missions guide challenge missions storm make it rain friendship levels
Reach maximum Friendship levels with Storm and complete a Research project to unlock Storm's Challenge Mission. (Picture: YouTube / Marvel's Midnight Suns)

As she’ll be utilizing a powerful skill set of weather-controlled abilities when using her Hero Deck, you can acquire a Legendary ability by completing her Challenge Mission 'Make It Rain'. As to how players can unlock this Challenge Mission requires you to reach the maximum Friendship level with Storm.

Additionally, you must reach Research Level 4 and complete the Research project, Forged in Hellfire, to gain the blueprint for the Armory. Spending 175 Credits is needed to build this in the Forge, and this Challenge Mission becomes available to complete.

Before attempting to complete it, players must remember that there are no restrictions on the number of card plays; however, you’ll be provided with a deck to complete the objectives. Speaking of objectives, this Challenge Mission aims to eliminate all enemies using Storm’s abilities, including the Legendary Heroic ability, Hellstorm, one of the rewards earned.

marvels midnight suns missions guide challenge missions storm make it rain legendary suit heroic card hellstorm
Complete Strom's Challenge Mission to gain her Legendary Midnight Sun suit and the Hellstorm Heroic card. (Picture: YouTube / Marvel's Midnight Suns)

Card redraws and moving Storm around the battle arena are deactivated for this tactical mission; however, be aware that you can fail it should you run out of cards or use up all the turns. Lastly, specifically for this mission, your enemies will be inflicted with the Frenzy status effect, meaning they’ll play their turn after you’ve played a card.

Let’s look at how you can successfully complete the Make It Rain Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

  1. Using the cards in your hand, play the Gale Force card on the enemy with the Vortex Attack card with the knockback aimed at the enemy to the left with the Goddess Blessing card.
  2. With the latter card in your hand, play Goddess Blessing which triggers the “Next Turn” status effect and is applied to two cards while letting you draw a card.
  3. Targeting the enemy with the Vortex card, play Live Wire which stuns the enemy as you play Arc on the enemy with another Arc card and chain it to the remaining enemy left.
  4. Play the Arc cards once again to K.O., the enemy, and grant you the Vortex card to your hand Vortex.
  5. Two more enemies will attack you, for which you can play Vortex and choose your AoE, which eliminates them and grants you the Hellstorm card.
  6. Lastly, a purple crystal will spawn in the center, for which you can use the Hellstorm card to destroy it and completes the Challenge Mission.

As a reward, you’ll receive the aforementioned Hellstorm Legendary Heroic Card and her Legendary Midnight Sun suit to wear during combat missions. This will also unlock the Blessings of the Goddess Achievement/Trophy for completing her Challenge Mission.