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Clint Stevens predicted Dream's Minecraft speedrun cheating excuse

All the way back in December 2020, Twitch streamer Clint Stevens predicted the excuse Minecraft speedrunner Dream would use in his cheating confession.
Clint Stevens predicted Dream's Minecraft speedrun cheating excuse

Since December last year, famous Minecraft speedrunner Dream denied allegations of cheating and even went as far as to hire a "Harvard astrophysicist" to refute the allegations. On 30th May 2021, Dream finally admitted to cheating and issued an apology. However, this apology did come with a bit of an excuse, as Dream said he never had any intention of cheating. While fans have been arguing about the Dream cheating scandal on both sides for nearly half a year, what if we told you someone predicted the exact excuse Dream would use? That's where Clint Stevens' hauntingly accurate prediction on the Dream cheating debacle comes into play.

Clint Stevens predicts Dream cheating excuse

Clint Stevens is an extremely popular Twitch variety stream with over 460,000 followers. While he hasn't been streaming for nearly a month, back when the Dream cheating ordeal started, he made a prediction.

In fact, Clint Stevens predicted Dream's cheating excuse on 23rd December, less than two weeks after the investigation into Dream's Minecraft speedruns first began.

Check out the prediction below.

That's nearly the exact excuse Dream used, as the infamous Minecraft speedrunner said they used a plugin to increase drop rates, and also noted how: "I had considered at the time that this potentially could have been a problem, but brushed it off because server-side and client-side are completely different and as far as I was aware nothing had been done client-side." 

Basically, Dream's cheating excuse boils down to not knowing something was done on the client-side, aka the mod folder.

While Clint Stevens' prediction was already very accurate, a fan on Twitter followed up in December, dropping this little bomb.

Clint Stevens twitch dream minecraft speedrun cheating excuse prediction(Picture: Twitter)

It's quite eerie just how accurate the predictions of Dream's excuse for cheating was all the way back in December 2020. 

While Clint Stevens did note this would be a lie, it remains to be seen if this final part of his prediction is revealed as accurate. While Dream did confess to cheating in his 1.16 speedruns, the whole debacle might still be far from over if fans start questioning the validity of his excuse.

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