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Minecraft builder claims Adin Ross "scammed" him over custom maps

No stranger to controversy, Adin Ross has found himself in it once again with claims that he failed to pay those that worked on his Minecraft server.
Minecraft builder claims Adin Ross "scammed" him over custom maps

There are few streamers that have blown up as much as Adin Ross has this year. He is part of a Los Angeles-based influencer clique that includes the likes of FaZe Clan, Logan Paul, and even Bronny James; the son of basketball GOAT, LeBron James, with whom he frequently streams NBA 2K21.

But this hasn't stopped him from being the source of controversy. In fact, it probably helped, in all honesty. He was previously caught up in the crypto "pump and dump" furore, H3H3 slammed him for his gambling streams, and he was banned from Twitch after being caught texting while driving during a live stream.

Adin Ross minecraft maps
Adin Ross isn't without his critics. (Picture: Twitch / Adin Ross)

More recently, the Twitch star has been accused of potentially scamming those close to him -- his own employees! This follows after a Minecraft map builder claimed that Adin Ross failed to pay him for over "100 hours" of work on a now-mothballed server.

Minecraft builder claims Adin Ross failed to pay him for Minecraft maps

The allegations come from Salad Plays MC, a prominent member of the Minecraft building community, who boasts a following of about 142,000 fans on TikTok.

In a tweet, Salad Plays MC claimed that he was "hired to build all the maps" for a server for Adin Ross and another streamer that goes by the name of Rewack.

"Over 100 combined hours went into making the maps and I (and others) have NOT BEEN PAID for the work. I made 11 maps in total. I thought I should let the community know," the Minecraft builder said.

In a follow-up tweet, he also confirmed that he felt that Adin Ross was well aware of the situation and had made it clear that he had no intention of paying.

In the tweet, he said: "Adin and I spoke on numerous occasions about the builds, as well as confirming prices and specifications he did and did not want. I talked with Adin multiple times. I will repeat, Adin was involved."

Salad Plays MC claimed that he worked on the maps for over "100 hours". (Picture: Salad MC Plays)

Salad Plays MC continued by saying: "This has nothing to do with anything about Adin online. I don't follow news on him or keep up with him at all. The timing of this all comes down to when we were able to confirm that he was not going to pay us, which was a few hours ago."

Rewack eventually responded, claiming that the issue over the payment was "100%" his fault and that payment would be made.

"This is 100% my fault not (Adin Ross)
since I was the project manager and had poor communication with him about payments. All should be taken care of now if you check our group chat. Just waiting on your PayPal email. Sorry again, and thank you for all the time and effort (sic)."

Adin Ross himself has yet to respond, though it appears that word has got back and Salad Plays MC and his colleagues are set to be paid.


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Featured image courtesy of Salad MC Plays / Adin Ross.