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Top 10 Minecraft mods for version 1.16.5

From better trees, dungeons and portals to adding a layer of adventure and difficulty to each cave or biome adventure, here are the best 1.16.5 mods.
Top 10 Minecraft mods for version 1.16.5

Probably the top-of-mind title for years to come when asked for the Sandbox genre in video games, Minecraft is really the game of endless possibilities.

Whilst the world has its rules and limitations, it goes beyond say the almost 10-year-old title has remained relevant due to relentless community work with countless hours put in from crafters all over the globe.

With 1.17 right around the corner, we decided to list the best projects for the latest official release so without further ado, here are the 10 best mods for Minecraft version 1.16.5.

1. Biomes O’ Plenty

Minecraft starting to understand how context is important with the implementation of dimensions then expanding on those dimensions hence creating richer, more alive worlds.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: CurseForge)

Biomes O’ Plenty allows for the game to really embrace its colours, nature, locations and context, pushing the limits of what is known and recognizable in-game beyond our imagination.

Adding dozens upon dozens of new combinations, exploring every inch of a fresh seed has never felt this adventurous.

2. Swing Through Grass

I don’t think I panic harder than when I swing my sword at something I can’t truly see. Add on top the fact that a transparent yet very tangible block is in the way and you get what you paid for, a miss.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: Microsoft)

Welp, miss no more, with this simple adjustment, fighting through tall grass, vines and much more has never been easier.

Swing Through Grass will have you charging at the enemy independent of where they are standing so you can’t start swinging more and worrying about nature less.

3. Gravestones

I can’t be the only fool to have died way too far from my spawn point or at least close enough to get there in time but forgot the directions from the original spawn.

The days of rushing around the map, asking for directions or trying to enable cheats out of the blue are over with the Gravestones mod.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: Microsoft)

Gravestones will not only leave a funny looking Cobblestone and Dirt combo right on the spot of death but will also provide the exact coordinates plus save all your items inside the drop.

Arrive at the gravestone, break it with your fist and pick up right where you left off!

4. Dungeon Crawl

Desert and Jungle Temples, Nether Fortresses or even the revamp of the realm itself have made sure to make the world of Minecraft seem more lively yet the troubles aren’t worth the rewards as underwhelming as they be.

This is until Dungeon Crawl makes its way into your favourite world, spawning standing or buried towers with countless floors.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: Microsoft)

Being prepared mentally and physically is key as going through each floor gets progressively harder putting your stamina to the test.

Mob spawners and plenty of loot await for those who dare make it to the very end. A fitting way to earn a warrior’s loot, some might say.

5. Miners Helmet

Sometimes simple problems have simple solutions. Instead of wasting your coal or charcoal in hundreds of torches that will most likely be left hanging in a completely looted cave, we offer you the Miners Helmet.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: CurseForge)

A light source that not only does it follow your POV as you scan every nook and cranny of a dark place but will also free up your off-hand as it is worn instead of held.

Eco-friendly and easy to craft? Say no more, fam.

6. Just Enough Items

The Too Many Items successor, Just Enough Items is the hardcore Minecraft player’s dream.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: Microsoft)

Creating a non-intrusive, user-friendly interface for all necessities, JEI  is a must for long gameplay sessions and especially for content creation/mod showcasing.

We can’t count how many hours have been lost looking for a 30x30 pixel icon for an item from a mod when the JEI search bar is just begging to be used for a change.

7. Tough as Nails

If you find yourself bored when it comes to the survival aspect of Minecraft, this mod is for you. Introducing Tough as Nails, which spins the rules of the game and shifts them into the ultimate Bear Grylls experience.

Adding both temperature and thirst meters to the game, not only are you now worrying, scrambling and stumbling for a piece of rotten flesh to keep your nuggets up, but you will also need to stay hydrated much like your gamer self.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: Microsoft)

Biomes have also been assigned temperatures depending on the context so expect hypothermia or dehydration if you are in a snowy forest and a desert respectively.

This whole mod is just a developer’s reminder to drink water, my friends. Oh, and also carry a bucket of water with you, fire will hurt you more than ever.

8. Carry On

This one is for the practical Minecrafter. I’ve always hated when I can’t get my dog to sit where I want them to, when a piece of grass grows on the wrong side of the block -- and don’t even get me started on moving 32-item filled double chests.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: Microsoft)

Carry On will be your best friend if you are as easily trigger as me, letting you pick up full items in their current state saving you the trouble of wasting time trying to get lucky again.

From moving full grass blocks to reinstalling a beehive near you, do your best Enderman impersonation and carry away!

9. Falling Tree

The sequel to the classic Timber mod, Falling Tree will add an interesting take to our number one source whilst making it quick and fun.

There are two modes for this mod and this is how you choose to play the game; trees can either fall on their side like a real-life tree would (get it?) or the total number of wood blocks standing straight will drop after one block breaks.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: Microsoft)

Whilst the chain reaction seems fun, it really defeats the purpose of chopping away an Oak tree and feeling rewarded for your hard work on your way back to the base.

Suggested for off-camera use or simply time-saving activities, but besides those two, we really recommend adding funky physics to a blocky, blocky world. Doesn’t get better than that.

10. Immersive Portals

Last, and definitely not least, we vouch for the Immersive Portals mod. This one is definitely a beaut to work with as it makes every possible dream come true regarding our interdimensional doors.

Smoothing over the transition between realms, say goodbye to loading screens and Mojang splashes as you instantly walk in and out of the Nether or the End in a matter of seconds.

minecraft mods 1.16.5(Picture: Microsoft)

Of course, be careful! It is indeed a two-way street so expect both friendly and hostile mobs to make their way into the overworld just like you hop back and worth into theirs.

For all of these plus 40 more 1.16.5 mods, please check PwrDown’s Minecraft video on the matter.