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How Does Augment System Work In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

The Augment System is back following Title Update 1 of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak with some new Anomaly Quests.
How Does Augment System Work In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

Title Update 1 in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is live, and a whole host of new content was added, including several new monsters and a new Augment System for weapons and armor. Hunters can gain more power than ever within the Forlorn Arena and the Citadel.

Like most new systems in Monster Hunter Rise, you'll have some work to do before starting your own path in the Augment System. But with enough Afflicted monsters taken down and some time with the new research, you'll have some of the best builds in Sunbreak to date. This guide explains everything about the Augment System in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

MHR Sunbreak - How does the Augment System work?

monster hunter rise sunbreak Anomaly Research augment system
Anomaly Research has a level system in the new update. (Picture: Capcom)

Notably, the Augment System was also present in the base game for Monster Hunter Rise, and just like the first version, you'll have to get to some higher ranks to start using the system. In Sunbreak, going beyond the Master Rank and taking down the final boss in the story is a must.

You can begin taking on Afflicted monsters if you've rolled credits and beat the main story. Anyone who has already started the Afflicted grind can access the Augment System, but it's still not that easy. Furthermore, even with access to the system, you'll need a ton of new Afflicted materials that require more grinding and time in the new quest system.

Anomaly Investigations are the latest quest system added to Sunbreak. You will need to complete these quests to earn Augment System parts. Due to the random nature of Anomaly Investigations, the process can take a while, and the monsters are more dangerous than ever.

With enough investigations completed, your Anomaly Research level will continue to increase, and you'll get better rewards. You can also start heading to the Blacksmith and altering the power of your weapons and armor. 

Augment system weapon mhr sunbreak
Head to the Blacksmith to Augment weapons. (Picture: Capcom)

To augment your equipment, you can select the weapon or armor you want and unlock the option for around 20,000 Zenny; this opens up the opportunity to start choosing new powerful Augments. From there, you'll need to select some of the Afflicted parts you've earned to reach a total of 10 points.

With those requirements met, you can finally add an Anomaly slot. Each slot has two levels, and there can be a total of five slots given to most equipment pieces— the boosts available range from attack to damage and elemental boosts to sharpness, in general. So regardless of your choice, you'll have some grinding.

And that's all. For more related content, head to our section dedicated to Monster Hunter Rise news, updates, guides, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.