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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Starting Master Rank Great Sword Build

The Red Pincer is the best early Great Sword in MHRise: Sunbreak. Here's how to get it, the best Armor build, all Forging Materials, Decorations, and Skills.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Starting Master Rank Great Sword Build

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the latest DLC expansion update from Capcom's popular MHRise game series released on 30th June, featuring 14 different kinds of weapons with unique Silkbinds and Switch Skills that Hunters can use to slay Monsters.

The Great Sword is perhaps the strongest weapon in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, dealing insane damage. This guide details the best Great Sword build in the early game of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, including how to get it, all Forging Materials, Decorations, and Skills.

MHR Sunbreak - Best Master Rank Great Sword For Early Game

The Red Pincer is the best Great Sword for starting in MHRise Sunbreak
The Red Pincer is the best Great Sword for starting in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. (Picture: YouTube / Team Darkside)

While there are several options, the brand-new Red Pincer is the best Great Sword to use in the early game. It has blue-level Sharpness and deals 250 Attack Power per hit, with excellent upgrade options for later in the game. In addition, the Red Pincer is a Water element weapon and offers solid defensive buffs.

MHR Sunbreak - How to Get Red Pincer Great Sword

You can get the Red Pincer from Daimyo Hermitaur mhrise sunbreak
You can craft the Red Pincer after defeating Daimyo Hermitaur. (Picture: YouTube / Team Darkside)

Its in-game description reads: "A Great Sword made from a giant pincer. Its blade rips off scales and slices flesh." This weapon is easy to craft after slaying the Large Monster Daimyo Hermitaur.

The Master Rank Forging Materials required to craft the Red Pincer in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are listed below, including where to find them.

  • 5x Hermitaur Hardclaw
    • Obtained after slaying Daimyo Hermitaur
  • 3x Tiny Hermitaur Shell
    • Obtained after slaying Hermitaur
  • 2x Overgrown Stiffbone
    • Located in Bonepiles in the Jungle
  • 1x Dragonbone Artifact
    • Located in Boneiles in the Jungle, Flooded Forest, Citadel, and Lava Caverns

You can also get the Red Pincer by upgrading the Great Wyvern Fang Great Sword via the Bone Tree. In this case, you will only require the following Forging Materials:

  • 3x Hermitaur Hardclaw
  • 2x Hermitaur Cortex
  • 2x Tiny Hermitaur Shell
  • 1x Overgrown Stiffbone

MHR Sunbreak - Best MR Red Pincer Great Sword Build

best red pincer great sword build all armor pieces mr2 master rank 2
Pair these Armor pieces with the Red Pincer Great Sword. (Picture: YouTube / Team Darkside)

Once you've acquired the Red Pincer Great Sword, you'll want to pair it with the following Armor pieces. We have included the Forging Materials for each item below as well.

  • Ingot Helm X (MR)
    • Requires: 1x Purecrystal, 1x Meldspar Ore, 1x Frocium, 2x Kestodon Husk.
  • Ingot Mail X (MR)
    • Requires: 1x Purecrystal, 1x Meldspar Ore, 1x Awegite, 2x Kestodon Husk.
  • Alloy Vambraces X (MR)
    • Requires: 1x Frocium, 3x Carbalite Ore, 2x Dragonite Ore.
  • Baggi Coil X
    • Requires: 2x Great Baggi Thickhide, 2x Great Baggi Claw+, 2x Crushing Fang, 1x Monster Toughbone.
  • Ingot Greaves X
    • Requires: 1x Purecrystal, 1x Meldspar Ore, 1x Sapphiron Ore, 2x Monster Toughbone.

You will need to collect the required materials to unlock the Armor parts and reach Master Rank 2 for the Alloy and Ingot Armor.


red pincer great sword build armor set decorations
You will need to equip these Decorations to the Armor pieces. (Picture: YouTube / Team Dark)

It would be best if you equipped the following Decorations to the Armor pieces: 3x Tenderizer Jewel 2, 1x Charger Jewel+ 4, 1x Charger Jewel 2, and 3x Steadfast Jewel 1.

Notably, the Red Pincer comes with a Level 3 Rampage Decoration; however, these will only become available to you in the endgame. So instead, you can use the Level 2 Decoration Anti-Dragon Jewel 2, which gives weapons the Dragon Exploit and Wyvern Exploit skills, providing 5% increased damage to Bird, Flying, Brute, Piscine, and Fanged Wyverns (and Leviathans).

best Rampage Decoration Red Pincer Anti-Dragon Jewel MHRise Sunbreak
The best Rampage Decoration for the Red Pincer is the Anti-Dragon Jewel 2. (Picture: YouTube / Team Darkside)


The Red Pincer comes with the following Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak:

  • Attack Boost Level 6
  • Critical Eye Level 6
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3
  • Focus Level 3
  • Windproof Level 3
  • Stun Resistance Level 3
  • Water Attack Level 1
  • Sleep Resistance Level 1

And that's all. We want to thank the YouTube channel Team Darkside for their tutorial on the best early Master Rank Great Sword build in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Please consider watching the video embedded below and subscribing to their channel for more awesome content.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.