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MultiVersus - How To Unlock Ranked Mode

The best way to truly flex on the competition is by taking them on in ranked matches. Here's how to unlock Rank Mode in MultiVersus.
MultiVersus - How To Unlock Ranked Mode
TL;DR: Ranked Mode will become available on 9th August 2022 and is speculated to unlock when players reach Level 20 or higher.

MultiVersus is the newest fighting game from Warner Bros. and boasts various unique fighters spanning an array of franchises, ranging from Arya Stark from Game of Thrones to Loony Tunes' Bugs Bunny.

However, while many players have taken to the arena to flex their skills, many eager competitive players wonder when MultiVersus' Ranked Mode will unlock. This guide details everything you need to know about Rank Mode in MultiVersus, including when and how to unlock it.

How To Play Ranked Mode In MultiVersus

At this time, it is not possible to unlock Ranked Mode in MultiVersus. The game is currently in its Open Beta phase and will only be fully released on 9th August 2022, when Season 1 begins. As a result, players can expect Ranked Mode to become unlocked on this date in MultiVersus.

when does rank mode multiversus unlock
Ranked Mode will unlock with MultiVersus Season 1 on 9th August 2022. (Picture: Warner Bros.)

At this time, it's unclear whether Ranked Mode will be available to everybody at launch. Instead, there is speculation that players must be Level 20 or higher to unlock MultiVersus' Rank Mode. You can view your Player Level by navigating to the top left corner of your screen and opening the "Career" menu.

So, if you are already Level 20 or higher, you will likely unlock Ranked Mode in MultiVersus when it becomes available on 9th August 2022. But please note that this is pure speculation as no official sources have confirmed this unlocking requirement.

how to unlock rank mode multiversus
Rank Mode will likely be available with Team and Solo matchmaking options. (Picture: Warner Bros.)

At this time, player rankings displayed in the Career Stats menu will likely not carry over to the new season; instead, these rankings will reset once MultiVersus officially releases. Accordingly, there will probably be ranked options for Teams (2v2) and Solo (1v1) matches.

Again, we are only certain that MultiVersus' Ranked Mode will unlock on 9th August 2022. We will endeavor to provide factual information regarding the ranking system once the game mode becomes available. Until then, please take this information with a grain of salt.

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Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.