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MultiVersus Wonder Woman Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

Wonder Woman is the first unlockable character in MultiVersus. So here's a Wonder Woman guide on how to play her and all perks, moves, and specials.
MultiVersus Wonder Woman Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

Wonder Woman is the first character players can unlock in MultiVersus once the initial tutorial is completed. As you learn the game, you'll unlock more of her Perks and start to understand the defensive abilities she possesses.

Every character within MultiVersus has unique Perks and attacks. Base Perks comprise most of the content and are earned through levels but are fairly universal. However, the special Perks and Signature Attacks truly separate each character, and Wonder Woman has some great ones.

This guide details how to play Wonder Woman in MultiVersus, including all her Perks, Moves, and Specials, so you can easily take down opponents.

All Wonder Woman Perks in MultiVersus

Wonder Woman Perks
There are no offensive base perks for this DC character. (Picture: WB Games)

Most of the Perks for Wonder Woman are based on defensive stats. You can train more Perks for her, but considering she is a tank class character, you'll definitely want to prioritize some support-based passives, especially in a 2v2 game mode. On the other hand, playing in a 1v1 can call for more offensive stats.

As for the Signature Perks that Wonder Woman can unlock, they revolve around her Shields and her Lasso. She can either become more mobile, more defensive, or more offensive. Signature Perks are always the most versatile.

Utility Perks

  • Coffeezilla - Your team receives a 10% reduced ability cooldown duration.
  • The Purest of Motivations - Your team deals 15% increased damage for 10 seconds after an ally is rung out.

Defensive Perks

  • Kryptonian Skin - Your team receives 4% reduced incoming damage.
  • Stronger Than Ever - Your team receives Armor for 5 seconds after respawning.
  • Back To Back - Your team receives a 6% reduced damage when near an ally.

Signature Perks

  • Whip of Hephaestus - The tip of Wonder Woman's Lasso has a powerful knockback sweet spot.
  • Grapple of Hermes - Wonder Woman's Lasso will grapple lightning out of the air and pull her to its location. 
  • Shield of Athena - Dodging creates a barrier that blocks enemy Projectiles. The barrier goes on cooldown after a successful block.

Perks are just the beginning of your journey with Wonder Woman. To take down other players consistently in MultiVersus, you'll need to know all her attacks and special moves.

All Wonder Woman Attacks and Specials in MultiVersus

Wonder Woman Attacks
Wonder Woman is based around defense and horizontal attacks. (Picture: WB Games)

Every character in MultiVersus has an extensive list of moves considered Normal Attacks and Specials. They can either be done from neutral, in the air, or while moving to get different effects. Everything you need to know about Wonder Woman and her moves is listed below.


  • Sword of Ares - A charge, forward sword swing.
  • Amazon Combo - A combo of a sword slash, sweep-kick, and Shield bash 
  • Shield Bash - A charge, upward Shield bash.
  • Amazon Shout - Release an energy blast Projectile from Wonder Woman's bracers. Charge to increase blast size. The blast's power increases with her Bracer Meter, but the meter is consumed afterward. Briefly grants Armor to Wonder Woman and her ally in the blast.
  • Whirling Sword - Unleash sword spin attack that breaks Armor.
  • Flying Slash - A fast, forward-down slash.
  • Rising Kick - An overhead kick with a sweet spot at the end.
  • Falling Spear - A powerful downward stab.

Special Attacks

  • Lasso of Truth - Wonder Woman throws out her Lasso of Truth Projectile, pulling enemies and allies to her. Cooldown applies.
  • Warrior's Charge - Wonder Woman lunges forward with Armor and her Shield raised, destroying incoming Projectiles. If a Projectile is destroyed, Wonder Woman can instantly act again. Charge to keep the Shield raised; Wonder Woman can move back and forth during this time. Allies that she passes will receive Armor. 
  • Flying Warrior - This attack is similar to Warrior's Charge, except it is a Shield dash upward. Allies can use her Shield as a platform. 
  • Defense of the Gods - If in range, Wonder Woman will dash to her ally, cleansing them of debuffs and giving her and her ally a Shield. Shields are similar to Armor, but block both knockback and damage from the next incoming hit. Shields also increase her Bracer Meter when hit. Cooldown applies 
  • Soaring Punch - Wonder Woman delivers a forward flying-punch

Passive Ability

  • Bracer Meter - When Wonder Woman blocks a Projectile with her Shield or gets hit while Armored, she fills a meter which is used to power up her Amazon Shout

As you fight with the DC hero, you'll want to use your Shields as much as possible. Defense of the Gods is incredibly powerful and can save your teammate in a pinch. Mix this with the Lasso or slash attacks, and you'll be golden.

And that's all about MultiVersus Wonder Woman guide. For more related content, check out our section dedicated to MultiVersus news, guides, tips, updates, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.