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NBA 2K22 players slam "terrible" Dunk Meter shooting

The arrival of NBA 2K22 of course meant the debut of some new game controls and gameplay features. So far, it's safe to say gamers aren't delighted with the new Dunk Meter and the way it affects slashing to the hoop, here's all the latest.
NBA 2K22 players slam "terrible" Dunk Meter shooting

Each year a new NBA 2K title releases to the excitement of some gamers, and the chagrin of others. This is of course due to the variability from year to year with gameplay changes, control changes, and the overall feel of the title.

One of the major changes to debut with NBA 2K22 was the arrival of the Dunk Meter. With dunking in NBA 2K21 considered overpowered and easy to abuse, the game's developers looked to make changes to balance overall gameplay.

Now a couple of months on from the release of NBA 2K22, many gamers are wondering if 2K games may have gone too far in their efforts to nerf dunking. Let's examine the dunk meter and some of the complaints surrounding 2K22's big change.

NBA 2K22 Dunk Meter in-game
The Dunk Meter was an attempt to nerf overpowered dunking in NBA 2K22. (Picture: 2K Games)

NBA 2K22 gamers unhappy with Dunk Meter

One of the biggest complaints of NBA 2K21 was the lock-on dunks. It felt like many times, an opponent would get into the lane with a full head of steam and lock onto the rim in a dunk animation.

This, coupled with the lack of shot-blocking ability from realistic rim protectors, was a frustration that grew as the title aged. The complaint was not limited to just one game mode, as both MyPlayer and MyTeam players posed the same frustrations.

To combat the issue, 2K Games decided to implement a new gameplay feature addressing dunks. The Dunk Meter debuted with the release of 2K22 to initially mixed results, however now it seems many have soured on the new control.

NBA 2K22 Dunk Meter complaints
NBA 2K22 gamers are taking to online forums to voice their displeasure with the new Dunk Meter. (Picture: Reddit)

It will be fascinating to see how 2K devs address the growing frustration with the dunk meter. Perhaps a patch update could make tweaks to improve it, or it could be potentially removed altogether.

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