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NHL 24 Best Goalie Builds for World of Chel

Protect the net at all costs with the best goalie builds in NHL 24 to make sure you're not getting lit up in World of Chel.
NHL 24 Best Goalie Builds for World of Chel

Core gameplay changes are shaking up the best NHL 24 goalie builds, and even skilled veterans will need some time to adjust. As crossplay and other enhancements beef up the mode, there's never been a more valuable time to have an elite NHL 24 goalie build in World of Chel.

The same three stalwart styles have returned from last year, but new systems and attributes have shifted things significantly. We'll break down all the best goalie builds in NHL 24 and how to tweak them for your own style in World of Chel.

Best Goalie Builds in NHL 24

NHL 24 Best Goalie Builds World of Chel

While the builds system may feel familiar to veterans, NHL 24 gameplay has completely refreshed the ice across every game mode. That continues to ring true in World of Chel where you'll be tackling entirely new mechanics as you adjust to changes in the NHL 24 controls compared to last year.

The introduction of the Exhaust Engine in NHL 24 combines the new Sustained Pressure and Goalie Fatigue systems to provide a much more dynamic and challenging goalie experience. The fatigue system is impacted by the new Durability and Endurance attributes for goalies.

The other new attribute players will have to consider is Angles, and this one is directly tied to a new control mechanic called Instinct. The general idea of Instinct is using a visual set of zones to predict where the puck is coming in order to give yourself a boost. Ultimately, your usage of Instinct is going to be massively impacted by personal preference.

Veteran players who are already accustomed to doing without it may ignore the mechanic entirely, or it may be something they find works on occasion even without Angles being a focal point for your NHL 24 ratings. There's also a new tether control system that automatically brings you back to center, and this could have a big impact on post to post moments.

With all these changes, it's ultimately going to take time for every player to settle in and figure out where their own personal strengths and weaknesses lie. We've got the three best goalie builds in NHL 24 below, but don't be afraid to tweak any aspect necessary to fit your own style.

Best Hybrid Goalie Build

NHL 24 Best Hybrid Goalie Builds World of Chel

First up, we have a Hybrid goalie build which was a favorite amongst competetive players in previous years. If you want some versatility without fully committing to Stand-Up or Butterfly styles, this is the way to go.

  • Player Class: Hybrid
  • Height: 6' 5''
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Zone Ability: Contortionist
  • Superstar Ability: Post To Post & Last Stand
  • Boosts: Stick Vision & Reflex Speed
  • Glove Low: 88
  • Stick Low: 88
  • Five-Hole: 85
  • Glove High: 90
  • Stick High: 90
  • Passing: 84
  • Speed: 92
  • Agility: 86
  • Poke Check: 89
  • Durability: 87
  • Endurance: 87
  • Rebound Control: 85
  • Vision: 93
  • Breakaway: 88
  • Angles: 89
  • Recover: 92

Best Butterfly Goalie Build

NHL 24 Best Butterfly Goalie Builds World of Chel

If you're looking to go Butterfly and focus on that style, you'll definitely notice a difference thanks to the NHL 24 controls adjustments. Durability and Endurance haven't seemed crucial in World of Chel as of yet, so you may be able to push Poke Check or Speed up a bit more on this build if you're in need of help in those areas.

  • Player Class: Butterfly
  • Height: 6' 5''
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Zone Ability: No-Timer
  • Superstar Ability: Tip Jar & X-Ray
  • Boosts: Stick Vision & Expert Glove High
  • Glove Low: 91
  • Stick Low: 91
  • Five-Hole: 85
  • Glove High: 87
  • Stick High: 89
  • Passing: 82
  • Speed: 89
  • Agility: 81
  • Poke Check: 83
  • Durability: 83
  • Endurance: 89
  • Rebound Control: 82
  • Vision: 91
  • Breakaway: 87
  • Angles: 85
  • Recover: 90

Best Stand-Up Goalie Build

NHL 24 Best Stand-Up Goalie Builds World of Chel

Finally, we have a stalwart Stand-Up goalie build adapted from a favorite in past years. With low Angles and Poke Check, you're really leaning on your own glove and stick skill to make crucial saves with this build in World of Chel.

  • Player Class: Stand-Up
  • Height: 6' 5''
  • Weight: 189 lbs
  • Zone Ability: X-Ray
  • Superstar Ability: Light Work & Extra Padding
  • Boosts: Stick Vision & Reflex Speed
  • Glove Low: 89
  • Stick Low: 87
  • Five-Hole: 79
  • Glove High: 96
  • Stick High: 90
  • Passing: 86
  • Speed: 91
  • Agility: 81
  • Poke Check: 82
  • Durability: 90
  • Endurance: 85
  • Rebound Control: 79
  • Vision: 95
  • Breakaway: 84
  • Angles: 85
  • Recover: 91

That wraps up the top three best goalie builds in NHL 24, but competetive players are sure to discover additional nuance and exploits in the coming weeks and months. On top of that, it'll take practice in-game to really get an idea of how the Instinct and tether systems will affect your own gameplay.

Always try to keep an eye on your current (and future) abilities when you do adjust these builds. Several of the Boosts and Superstar Abilities of NHL 23 are slightly altered when it comes to prerequisites, so you don't want to get too used to a build that isn't going to have access to the bonuses you want later on.

Spend some time with the build of your choice in Free Skate first to get a general feel for things, and from there you can move to Pro-Am for a more formal testing ground. Ultimately, you are going to have to head online in World of Chel to feel how the best NHL 24 goalie builds perform under pressure.