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How to Protect the Puck in NHL 24

Learn how to protect the puck in NHL 24 when using the new Total Control scheme.
How to Protect the Puck in NHL 24

The introduction of a new Total Control setting among the NHL 24 controls has some players scrambling to protect the puck. This important preventative maneuver is crucial to avoiding repetetive turnovers, but it may take players time to adjust.

We'll go over all the NHL 24 controls you need to protect the puck, but sometimes just knowing the basics isn't enough. This guide will also provide a few tips and tricks on how to protect the puck in NHL 24 and prevent your team from losing possession.

How to Protect Puck in NHL 24

NHL 24 Protect Puck

For players accustomed to the old Skill Stick controls or new arrivals still adjusting, knowing how to protect the puck in NHL 24 is truly critical. Fortunately, things are tied right into the standard Hustle controls this year.

If you have the puck and want to Hustle your way more quickly across the ice, you'll normally press the Left Stick (L3 on PlayStation) to pick up the pace. However, when you have the puck a Hustle is a risk that could put you back on the defensive side of things.

If you want to Protect Puck in NHL 24, move the Right Stick to the Left or Right after you're already in Hustle from pressing the Left Stick (or L3 on PlayStation). The direction you choose should be decided based on the positioning of your opponents, as you'll want to keep it away from them at all costs.

NHL 24 Tips & Tricks to Prevent Turnovers

NHL 24 How to Protect the Puck

Hustling across the ice may be when the Protect Puck control is used, but protecting the puck in NHL 24 is also about preventing turnovers whenever possible. Part of this may come down to choosing when you should let off that Hustle and glide or skate normally.

Your player will almost always have better balance and timing with passes, shots, and dekes while stationary or gliding compared to hustling. You can also try alternating your stick grip, but the best thing to do when you're worried about losing the puck is pass it to someone else. 

Keeping the puck in motion will constantly keep a defense on their toes, and it means they'll have to spend time repositioning a steal. However, you can also make mistakes with passes. Practice with the new Vision Passing in various modes and get a feel for how to bank passes or what kind of trajectory each type has.

If you find you're losing the puck while executing a slap shot or something more complex, you may want to try shifting to snap shots or making sure your player is less crowded before winding up. With a little practice, you'll be able to protect the puck in NHL 24 and make sure it only leaves your possession to enter the opponent's net.