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How to Fix NHL 24 Uniform Glitch, Latest From EA on EASHL Jersey Bug

Fans are growing impatient as the NHL 24 uniform glitch that EA Sports promised to address continues to linger.
How to Fix NHL 24 Uniform Glitch, Latest From EA on EASHL Jersey Bug
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While some key bugs have already been addressed, the lingering NHL 24 uniform glitch is causing increased frustration among players. Despite comments from EA Sports representatives that a fix was coming, the problem remains and may have only gotten worse.

We'll take a look at what the problem is and what EA Sports has said about the NHL 24 jersey glitch affecting EASHL. If you're still facing the problem in World of Chel, we'll also touch on any workarounds that some players are trying.

NHL 24 Jersey Glitch worsens for EASHL players after EA promises fix

NHL 24 Uniform Glitch

With an annual release like NHL 24 that has to stick so tightly to their regular release schedule, there are bound to end up being issues that have to be fixed in a post-launch update. This happens every year, but the NHL 24 uniform glitch showing up in EASHL is becoming a particular nuisance for players.

The problem is that players are working hard to customize their EASHL Club jerseys to give a unique uniform look to their squad, but everything is getting reverted to standard black NHL jerseys. The frequency of the glitch seemed to vary, and there were hopes of a fix as more than one EA Sports representative commented on the situation.

Community Manager EA_Aljo has responded several times to players on the EA Answers Forum explaining that they are still working on a fix for the problem and stressing that it is a priority including a mention that "there are plans to address this in the early November patch," but no exact date was known and it was not confirmed the fix would deploy with that update.

Similarly, EA Sports NHL Community Manager Clappy responded to a tweet asking about the EASHL Club jerseys glitch by stating "in the early November patch it will be fixed." Unfortunately, it looks like the opposite has happened. Multiple players are now reporting the issue has only gotten worse since the last NHL 24 update, and impatience is growing into fervor.

Perhaps exacerbating the issue, the back and forth on the EA Answers forum has largely devolved into arguing over the definition of "gamebreaking" as EA has stressed that it is a priority while also pointing out that the game is still playable. While they're correct in that this doesn't necessarily qualify as a gamebreaking bug, it appears to have made the game practically unplayable for dedicated EASHL players who make up a large portion of the regular player base.

The most likely reality is that, despite the best efforts of already overworked developers, their attempts to fix the glitch are still running into hiccups. While it appears like an easy fix on the surface, there could easily be very complex coding issues contributing that have clearly become a challenge for EA Sports to pinpoint and resolve, but hopefully the next set of patch notes brings relief. 

How to Fix Uniform Glitch in NHL 24 World of Chel

If you're part of the unfortunately growing number of players dealing with the NHL 24 uniform glitch, there are a few temporary ways to address it that might work. EA Sports has repeatedly offered stock branding as an interim workaround, though it's one many players haven't appreciated as a suggestion.

While stock branding does minimize your customization options, it at least offers the stopgap that your club won't look identical to the opposing team. Of course, even this workaround isn't consistently working.

Some players have also suggested that the trigger appears to being altering your arena details, but attempts to default arena customization haven't all been successful in fixing this bug. Sadly, the only real fix for the NHL 24 jersey glitch will have to come from EA Sports.