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NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 Nerfs Lacrosse Shot, All Gameplay Changes

Several key gameplay aspects are getting tweaked in NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 based on community feedback.
NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 Nerfs Lacrosse Shot, All Gameplay Changes

With a few weeks having passed since launch and time for the development team to get some tweaks in place, NHL 24 update 1.2.0 patch notes have been revealed and detail several key changes players will feel the effect of. Perhaps most notable is the Lacrosse shot getting nerfed, but that's just one of many changes.

Now that the official NHL 24 update 1.2.0 patch notes are out, we'll break down the most important gameplay changes players need to keep an eye out for. Whether you're playing casually or competetively, you'll want to know how NHL 24 gameplay could feel different once this update deploys.

NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 nerfs Lacrosse shot based on community feedback

NHL 24 Update Today Lacrosse Shot

The next major post-launch NHL 24 update is right around the corner, and the Version 1.2.0 Patch Notes have already been revealed by EA Sports. The update is set to go live in NHL 24 on November 9 at 12pm ET, and several changes are a direct result of community feedback.

If you've noticed how much easier the Lacrosse shot feels thanks to the new NHL 24 controls, things are about to get more challenging. Based on community feedback that the shot was too easy for players with low dekeing ratings to execute, attempts now have a chance to "bobble" for lower rated players.

In addition, players still using Skill Stick may notice that the consistent rotation speed required for the movement has been altered to match how it felt in NHL 23. This will remain one of the most notoriously difficult shots to score with, but you can still use Total Control for easier execution so long as you're using a player that should be able to do that move.

Every Gameplay Change in the NHL 24 Update Today

While the Lacrosse shot alteration may be most significant, there were several other gameplay changes that players need to keep in mind. These include tuning for Speed, Checking, and a few areas of Goalie play that should eliminate some of the exploits seen early on in NHL 24.

You can find the full NHL 24 Update 1.2.0 patch notes here, but we'll give you a quick rundown of all the gameplay changes:

  • Holding Vision Control, while in the offensive zone and opponent doesn’t possess the puck will now prioritize Shooting over Hitting when using the Right Stick to address unintentional push check related penalties in the offensive zone when trying to one time or shoot a loose puck
  • Removed exploit where players found ways to shoot the puck while charging a pass to get 'curve' shots and unrealistic shot animations
  • Maximum velocity a skater can reach while charging a hit has been capped and the bonus Hit Assistance while using the Truculence Zone Ability were removed to address players charging a Shoulder Check as a speed boost
  • Goalie poke check animations tuned to allow break out save animations after the apex, also shortened extremely long poke check animations, both to address players baiting goalies into long poke check animations for an easy score
  • Distance the puck travels at minimum power saucer pass is now based on player velocity, pushing the puck further from the player, to address unintentional speed boost seen from saucer passing to themselves
  • Users must release the right stick to the neutral position and push the stick down again to trigger a slapshot windup from protect puck, changed to address unintentional slap shot windup animations when stopping protect puck while holding right stick at a downward angle

For the most part, all the other changes in this NHL 24 update are bug fixes and removing glitches. They did do some authenticity updates for uniforms as usual, and the Creation Zone got some tweaks due to player confusion about the Home/Away/Alternate uniform screens. As of now, no other gameplay changes or NHL 24 controls adjustments are expected as they'll likely allow several weeks of player testing before doing any additional tuning.