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All Palia Accessibility Options Explained

Ahead of the upcoming Beta test, we’ve detailed whether Palia will have accessibility options and features available on launch and post-launch.
All Palia Accessibility Options Explained

Accessibility features have become one of the most frequent and rapidly growing features in video games and hardware. These features offer a wide variety of options and support for players with impairments and disabilities, making gaming more inclusive and connecting players in-game.

Following the recent Gameplay First Look livestream in July 2023, players got a first look at the game with players asking if there will be supporting accessibility at launch. We’ll be explaining if there will be accessibility features and which features will be available to playtest and at launch.

Will There Be Accessibility Features Available In Palia?

Developer Singularity 6 has explained in a support FAQ post for their cozy MMO game, Palia, if there will be any accessibility options available for players to enable in-game. Most important, they answered whether the game will support accessibility features which there will be some features included at launch and post-launch.

palia accessibility guide accessibility features options support
Palia will include some accessibility features and options available at launch, with more to be released post-launch. (Picture: Singularity 6)

We expect to continually add features to support accessibility, and we expect to continually get feedback from our players on how we are doing and how we can improve in that space.

They have also explained that the rollout of accessibility options will be done in stages as the development team is still educating themselves on specific areas. Additionally, they have encountered a few issues with implementing them, which will require further work and will be revealed as soon as the game is released.

What has been confirmed, in terms of accessibility options available in Palia, include colorblindness mode, hearing, and visual sensitivity features, and free key binding options. Support for adaptive controllers has been discussed and will be added to the game post-launch with more features.

palia accessibility guide accessibility features options support free key bindings adaptive controllers
Palia's game developer will be adding controller and key binding support for Palia soon. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Sisquinanamook)

This was echoed in another support FAQ post that they will continue to educate, explore and implement accessibility options available for players to test in the upcoming Stress Test, Closed, and Open Beta. The developer commented, “We intend to have options to include as many players as possible within the community. Development on these features will continue after our Beta release.”

Players that wish to test the available accessibility features to be included in the game’s eventual release can sign up for the Closed and Open Beta. As Alpha testers will be invited to the next Stress Test on 25th July 2023, players can register an account on the official Palia website to be sent to participants before the Beta begins.