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Where To Find Einar’s Fishing Shack In Palia

Einar is a friendly Galdur who enjoys fishing and has a peddle collection, but where in the Oneness can you find him and his Fishing Shack?
Where To Find Einar’s Fishing Shack In Palia

Killima Village has plenty of locales and ancient ruins for players to discover and explore throughout their adventures. Additionally, neighboring Bahari Bay is worth the visit as it’s rich in various rare resources and items that may be worthwhile obtaining when using your Skills.

While many Villagers call Killima Village and Bahari Bay home, Einar happily enjoys spending time near Fisherman’s Lagoon’s docks. So, learn more about Einar and where to find his Fishing Shack in Palia and become one with the Oneness.

Who Is Einar In Palia Explained?

palia locations guide einar's fishing shack who is einar fishing skill master
This friendly Galdur enjoys fishing and happens to be a peddle collector. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Einar is one of the few Galdur, aside from Hekla, that resides in Killima Village. When encountering him during your stay, you’ll learn that he often speaks about the Oneness and being one with such force. Although he’s somewhat limited in his knowledge about humans, he’s quite a delightful character that you can befriend, but not romance in Palia.

As such, he has quite an affinity with the leisurely activity of fishing, and if you wish to further this skill, Einar is the Skill Master and will be your point of reference for all things fishing. Naturally, he has a Fishing Guild Store in which you can obtain multitudes of fishing equipment and items like different types of bait, fishing bobbers, and the Fisher’s Aquarium, which can be purchased from him.

Additionally, you can obtain recipes for craftable fishing equipment and items like a Worm Farm, Fisherman’s Brew, and rod rarities, crafted at your worktable once you have enough Gold and leveled your Fishing Skill. Lastly, gifting-wise, Einar has an extensive pebble collection, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift, a shiny pebble will please him immensely.

Where To Find Einar’s Fishing Shack In Palia

palia locations guide einar's fishing shack how to find where to find fishermans lagoon killima village
Einar's Fishing Shack is situated at Fisherman's Lagoon southeast of Killima Village. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Unlike other Villagers, Einar rarely leaves his current location, and if you wish to speak with him or access the Fishing Guild Store, he can be found somewhere in Palia. Einar, as the Fishing Skill Master, can be found in Fisherman’s Lagoon, southeast of Killima Village, and he’ll either be at the docks or nearby a stall.

As mentioned, Einar barely leaves this location, making it easier if you’re looking to turn in a skill quest, access the Fishing Guild Store, or deliver him a shiny pebble. Additionally, you’ll find other players fishing in this location, which is excellent for Friendly Fishing as you’ll earn a buff when fishing with other players and online friends, so take advantage whenever you can.