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Palia Fishing Guide: How To Learn & Upgrade Skill

Out of the eight skills you have to learn and master, fishing can be a relaxing experience for players to level up and enjoy with others in Palia.
Palia Fishing Guide: How To Learn & Upgrade Skill

Players have a variety of activities to explore when adventuring in Kilima Village, which can help them level up their skills in Palia. When starting in-game, you have eight skills available to use and progress with, which can affect how you play the game.

If you wish to bring home a freshly caught fish to cook up or turn into furnishing, then fishing might be the right skill to master with its skill master. We've detailed everything about the Fishing skill, including how to learn and upgrade it in Palia.

How To Learn Fishing In Palia?

Fishing is one of the players' eight primary skills when starting their Palian adventures in Kilima Village. This skill can also be leveled up to unlock more fishing relating items like rods, bait, trophies, and rarer fish species to catch.

Players can complete the Introduction quest for the Fishing skill from its skill master, Einar, where they can further their Friendship Level with this lovable being. Einar can be found at the dockside in Kilima Village, where you can acquire your first fishing rod and receive some tips on mastering this valuable skill.

Once you've completed the quest, you can become a master angler by heading to the docks, lakes, and rivers, throwing out your line, and enjoying a relaxing day fishing. After you have cast a line into the water, this begins a fishing mini-game where you need to get the cursor within the "safe zone."

If you maintain the cursor in this "safe zone," you'll eventually be able to catch a fish by reeling it in, and you can bring the freshly caught fish home to eat. Additionally, some rare fish species can be caught in the Palian waters, which you can bring home to display as a trophy decoration.

How To Level Up The Fishing Skill In Palia?

Each skill available to players has its unique leveling system, like fishing, which you need to upgrade to unlock various items. This can be achieved by fishing at the docks, lakes, and rivers surrounding Kilima Village, and also, the type of fish you may catch could contribute to you leveling up the Fishing skill.

palia skills guide fishing skill tree how to upgrade how to level fishing guild einar
Players can enjoy fishing alone, with friends, or its skill master Einar to increase their expertise and level this skill. (Picture: Singularity 6)

You can check on its progress from your Character Profile, and once meeting that level's requirement, you can return to Einar and speak with him to receive exclusive rewards. As mentioned, this can be fishing items, like equipment and bait and fish-related cooking recipes, more fish species, and new gameplay content to continue fishing with Einar and unlock even more rewards and content.

Another thing to remember is that Einar leads the local Fishing Guild, which will be included in the game for players to join. This dedicated community of novice and experienced anglers will get together regularly to enjoy the leisurely fishing activity, which can also help you level up your Fishing skill when playing with other players online.

You can also enjoy fishing with Einar to increase your Friendship Level by completing Einar's questline. Remember, you can give him gifts he may favor, including his Weekly Wants to maximize your Friendship Level progress with Einar, like shiny pebbles he loves receiving.