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Can You Use & Get Emotes In Palia

Palia will include several important social features, like adding friends, text chat, and emotes, to enhance social experiences for players.
Can You Use & Get Emotes In Palia

Social interactions between players are paramount in Palia as it promotes a positive and “kind community,” primarily as the game is focused on growing a community-based environment. Emotes are a unique way of interacting with friends and other players online, either by inputting a command to act or utilizing a cog wheel to use an emote.

Singularity 6’s cozy MMO, Palia, has been labeled as a community sim, which means there will be social features for players to interact with, but does this include emotes? We’ve investigated whether Palia will include emotes, if you can use them, and how to get more emotes in-game.

How To Use Emotes In Palia?

palia social features guide emotes can you use emote wheel
Emotes will let players use poses, facial expressions, attitudes, and more to communicate with each other. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Emotes will be added to the game as part of Palia’s various social features for players to use to greet, express emotions and communicate with others. According to a support FAQ page from developer Singularity 6, the Emote Wheel lets players perform “character poses, attitudes, facial expressions” and more in-game.

This Emote Wheel will be a companion to the text chat window, which can be utilized as another form of communication. Currently, the game does feature a set group of emotes they can use; however, we plan to add some changes to this feature.

These changes will include expanding the Emote Wheel, allowing players to further customize the wheel by letting them add and remove emotes. Additionally, players are likely given the capability to have more space on the Emote Wheel to add more emotes once more emotes are added to the game.

How Can You Get Emotes In Palia?

palia social features guide emotes how to get monetization in-game purchases
It's unclear how players can get more emotes in Palia, but for now, they will have access to a default set at launch. (Picture: Singularity 6)

As of writing, it’s not known how you can get or earn emotes in Palia, as it’s confirmed that they’ll have a default set to use when starting. The developer stated in their Business Model blog post that various cosmetics will be monetized while the Palia base game remains free-to-play (F2P); we can speculate that emotes will likely be monetized if they wish to get new emotes.

Right now, the cosmetic content confirmed to be monetized is clothing and costumes, which the developer commented that they will “evaluate more spaces as time goes on.” We can also speculate that emotes could be in-game rewards through gameplay progression, likely by completing various quests or missions, doing specific tasks, or earning Achievements.

With the Palia Gameplay First Look livestream on 18th July 2023 at 10 am PT on their Twitch and YouTube channels, we may learn more about its gameplay which may feature any updates on core features. We’ll continue to follow this topic for more information on emotes for Palia, in which we’ll update this article accordingly.