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Is Palia Coming To Nintendo Switch

Enjoy the cozy life in Palia exploring with friends on console as the MMO game will be heading to Nintendo Switch this Holiday Season.
Is Palia Coming To Nintendo Switch

Palia is an upcoming cozy MMO game from American developer Singularity 6, where players can create their dream life in an enchanting environment with friends. The MMO is the studio's debut game which garnered attention recently with a Closed and Open Beta coming soon to PC.

The game is confirmed to be released on PC; however, a release date has yet to be announced, but will it be available for the Switch console? If you're a Switch owner, you may need to know if Palia is launching for Nintendo Switch, as detailed in this article, so let's find out!

Will Palia Be Available On Nintendo Switch?

PC players may get treated with the arrival of the forthcoming Alpha Stress Test and Public Beta; console players won't be left out, as there is a chance to play Palia. According to an official announcement post, developer Singularity 6 confirmed that Palia is coming to Nintendo Switch, which coincided with the game's reveal during the Nintendo Direct showcase in June 2023.

While we can expect more details to be announced leading up to its Switch release, we know Palia is expected to launch for the Switch this Holiday Season. Additionally, players can add the game to their Wishlist as more details will be shared with the community before its Switch launch.

The developer has yet to confirm a release date for its PC version, but it does appear that the Switch version may release before its PC version. According to an editorial update from the developer, they're working tirelessly to bring Palia to PC before landing on Nintendo Switch consoles.

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With no confirmed release date, we can expect Palia to launch for Nintendo Switch Holiday Season 2023. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Currently, the development team is split to working on its PC and Switch ports as they're working on "adapting Palia for the cozy Nintendo Switch experience." Nevertheless, the developer Singularity 6 has committed to providing the same all-around support for both versions to ensure that players' experiences are matched regardless of which platform they're playing on/

Do You Need A Nintendo Switch Online Subscription To Play Palia?

As it's confirmed that the game is releasing for Nintendo Switch consoles, with no official date confirmed, players have wondered if they will need a Switch Online subscription to play. They'll be happy to know that they won't need a Switch Online subscription to explore the world of Palia when it launches, and according to their Business Model blog post, the base game will be free-to-play (F2P).

As the game will be F2P, Switch owners will be spared from using their Game Vouchers to redeem against the game if they have vouchers bound to their account. However, the developer has noted they'll monetize cosmetics and other in-game items, not items you'll obtain through gameplay progression.