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Palia Floating Relic Found Item Quest And Walkthrough

A strange item was fished from a lake in Kilima Village, but what is the meaning of this item, as players can learn in the Floating Relic quest in Palia?
Palia Floating Relic Found Item Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Players are enjoying their holiday break in Kilima Village by progressing their Friendship and Romance levels with Villagers, working on their homes, and completing various quests. While completing these tasks, they may have stumbled across a peculiar item while fishing somewhere in Kilima Village, which starts the Floating Relic quest.

As players are unsure what to do with this item or how it works, they can head into the village to seek answers from various Villagers. Still fishing for answers? This guide details how to complete the Floating Relic Found Item quest and its objectives in Palia.

Palia Floating Relic Found Item Quest Objectives List

Enjoying a relaxing day at a lake fishing could become a brand discovery for players, sending them to explore the open-world environment in search of answers. This is especially true for the Floating Relic Found Item quest, which players can receive just by fishing to recover this item.

palia found item quests guide floating relic quest objectives find relic lake biomes map locations kilima village
Players can fish for the Floating Relic by visiting these lake biomes in Kilima Village before starting the quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

But how players can find this strange item to start this quest is as straightforward as they imagine it would be. Nevertheless, players who have found the Floating Relic while fishing can follow these quest objectives to help them complete the Floating Relic Found Item quest in Palia:

  • Bring the relic to someone who might be interested.

How To Complete The Floating Relic Found Item Quest In Palia?

As discussed previously, this quest can be triggered after players find the Floating Relic when fishing in any lake in Kilima Village. There are lakes found at Gillyfin Cove, located west of Kilima Village, and the areas stretching from Remembrance Beach to the area south of Whispering Banks, which includes Fisherman’s Lagoon.

palia found item quests guide floating relic quest how to complete bring relic to villagers einar
Einar is one of the few Villagers players can bring the relic to and speak with. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

It’s unclear whether fishing the Floating Relic is achieved using bait or not; they can fish at any lake at any time of the day to get this item. The quest will automatically begin as players are to take the relic to someone who could be interested in this specific item they have acquired.

A few Villagers could be interested in the Floating Relic, namely Caleri, Einar, Elouisa, Jina, and Zeki, and speaking to each Villager will redirect them to the next Villager. Players will eventually inquire with Einar regarding the Floating Relic, as the previous Villagers had no idea about the item; he reveals the symbols on the relic are intended to attract fish.

Unfortunately, they won’t be able to use the Floating Relic for fishing as it needs more Flow to be functional. They can exchange the relic for a fully functional fishing lure, which will complete the Floating Relic Found Item quest in Palia, as players will receive five Renown and a Minor Rod Health Booster attachment.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.