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How To Cook Fish Stew In Palia

Fish stew is one of the special dishes in Palia, and here's how you can cook it to gain special effects.
How To Cook Fish Stew In Palia
Singularity 6

Cooking is a vital activity that you must do in order to survive in the cozy world of Palia. The game allows you to make a variety of delicious dishes, and one of them is Fish Stew.

This delicious dish grants your character a minor fishing safe zone speed boost and restores the focus bar. However, cooking Fish Stew in Palia isn't as easy as it sounds because you will need to unlock its recipe first and collect the essential ingredients. So without any further ado, here’s how you can make the Fish Stew in Palia.

Where To Find Fish Stew Recipe In Palia

Fish stew recipe can be bound by fishing in Bahari bay
Fish Stew recipe can be bound by fishing in Bahari bay. (Picture: Singularity 6)

The Fish Stew recipe in Palia is an item that can be acquired by fishing in Bahari Bay using a worm as bait. To get started, you’ll need a fishing rod and some worms, which can be purchased from the fishing shop in Bahari Bay or found by digging in the soil.

When you spot a fish icon within the circle, simply press the spacebar to reel it in. Catching a fish gives you a chance to receive the Fish Stew recipe as a reward.

How To Cook The Fish Stew

The Fish Stew recipe requires the following ingredients:

  • 1x any fish

  • 1x any spice

  • 1x wild garlic

To begin cooking, interact with your stove and choose the Fish Stew recipe from your inventory. This will prompt a mini-game where you must follow the instructions displayed onscreen. You’ll be tasked with chopping, mixing, boiling, and seasoning your ingredients. The better you perform in this mini-game, the higher quality your dish will turn out to be.

The Fish Stew serves as a dish that boosts your fishing abilities for eight minutes. It creates a zone that enhances your fishing proficiency, allowing you to catch fish efficiently and effectively while increasing your odds of obtaining rare items and recipes. Additionally, this flavorful meal serves as both nourishment and satisfaction when hunger strikes.